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Promising Investment Opportunity Emerges, Prepared for the Market Upsurge

Published: November 26, 2023

Heberlein, the top air interlacing and texturing jet supplier, has unveiled their latest line of Advanced Performance DTY interlacing jets. The APe series jets result in substantial compressed air savings, while the APh jets ensure superior knot stability. With these innovations, Heberlein is presenting enticing investment opportunities for optimal profitability.

Market Cooling Down in 2022

The annual International Textile Machinery Shipment Statistics (ITMSS) published by the International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF) in June 2022 reveals that the textile industry has experienced a notable decline. Worldwide shipments of draw texturing spindles decreased by 13 per cent, with China accounting for 86 per cent of the total. However, Heberlein’s experience with market slowdowns like the ones in 2007/2008 and 2020/2021 showed that business in the DTY segment always picked up strongly afterwards.

Significant Savings with APe Series Jets

Heberlein’s launch of the new APe series at ITMA 2023 has garnered attention from DTY yarn producers. The APe series can reduce compressed air consumption by 15 per cent while maintaining the same knot count. This reduction translates to cost savings for producers. For example, a texturizer in Italy calculated a daily cost saving of USD 120 for a 288-position machine with a working pressure of 3 bar. This is equivalent to saving 5 dollars every hour.

Cost Savings in the Chinese Market

Due to lower energy costs in China when compared to other markets, texturizers in China save about one dollar per hour by using the APe series jets. According to Heberlein, energy prices fluctuate locally in China, and the government provides subsidies. Thus, effective cost savings for a machine equipped with APe series jets in China amount to $24.3 per day for a 288-position machine running 24 hours a day at 3 bar.

Strategic Benefits of the APe Series Jets

The APe series jets offer a promising strategy for manufacturers, allowing them to save costs immediately while being prepared for an industry upswing. These air interlacing jets are suitable for a wide range of multifilament yarns and achieve higher processing speeds, improved package build, and reduced filament and yarn breaks. They importantly contribute to sustainable production with equal knot performance and reduced energy consumption.

APh Series Jets for Maximum Performance

To enable maximum production output and gain momentum rapidly, Heberlein offers the APh interlacing jets. These jets meet the highest requirements for knot stability and guarantee unique performance without compromising yarn quality and process reliability. They are ideal for yarns produced through air covering and withstand considerable forces during the finishing process.

Heberlein’s Contribution to Increased Performance

Heberlein contributes significantly to increased performance by developing and producing highly specialized key components for synthetic yarn processing, especially filament yarns. The company utilizes the latest flow simulations and conducts tests in its textile laboratory and at customer facilities to ensure the new generation of jets increases production efficiency and enables significant process optimization and energy savings in yarn production.

Next Steps for Prospective Customers

Heberlein encourages detailed calculations for investment decisions and offers assistance to prospective customers. Interested parties can engage in non-binding discussions with Heberlein’s experts or get first-hand information at ITMA Asia 2023 (Hall 8.1, Stand A43).

Compatibility with SlideJet FT15-2 and SwissJet Housings

Customers will find it convenient to install the APe and APh series jets, as they can be fitted into widely-used SlideJet FT15-2 and SwissJet housings. This plug-and-play principle allows for seamless replacement with minimal effort.

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