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Durak Tekstil Embroidery Threads Add Value to Every Textiles

Published: June 2, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

Embroidery threads developed and produced by Durak Tekstil are preferred in dozens of different application areas with their technical superiority and rich colours. Having a long service life after the production process, the yarns put an end to the quality and cost concerns of the manufacturers and increase customer satisfaction.

Durak Tekstil, Turkey’s leading industrial sewing and embroidery thread manufacturer, responds to the increasing demands of the textile industry through its production facilities in Bursa and China. Durak Tekstil has a rich product portfolio for embroidered applications, which has expanded rapidly in recent years, and has become a preferred manufacturer for all industrial applications with its efficient and high-performance yarns resistant to production and usage conditions. Several technical features such as water-repellence, anti-static, late flammability, anti-bacterial, silicone-free structure, etc. are expanding the usage areas of Durak Tekstil embroidery threads.

With 50-years of experience, Durak Tekstil produces industrial embroidery threads from natural, synthetic, and recycled fibres through intensive R&D. Among company’s embroidery threads with high customer satisfaction, Poly-Soft®, Visco®, Duramatt® and Durakril® branded threads stand out. While these yarns increase the performance of the machines with their special lubrication processes, they reach lower breakage rates much better than their competitors. With their technical superiority, rich colour gamut and special structures in different thicknesses, these embroidery threads add value to fabric surfaces and the final textile product. Durak Tekstil offers advantages to textile manufacturers beyond its competitors with its price-performance rates in embroidery threads.

High performance embroidery applications with Durak Poly-Soft® threads

Durak Tekstil’s high performance focused Durak Poly-Soft® embroidery threads are produced from 100% polyester raw material. Thanks to special finishing and lubrications, these threads guarantee trouble-free operation even on the most advanced high-speed embroidery machines. With their trilobal structure, these threads reflect more light and have a brighter appearance compared to their counterparts. Poly-Soft® embroidery threads, offered in 5 different thicknesses, prevent ruptures with their high strength properties. The product makes designs in vivid and bright colours possible, and offers textile manufacturers 480 colour options. Black, white, red, and navy blue stand out among the most preferred colours of the series.

Exhibiting a successful performance even in the thinnest fabrics, Poly-Soft® threads create smooth-looking stitches and patterns. Poly-Soft® yarns offer textile manufacturers the opportunity for optimum flexibility and high-quality products. Poly-Soft® embroidery threads have a high resistance to many chemicals and outdoor weather conditions and are widely used in the textile industry for garments, hats, labels, leather products, shoes, workwear, furniture, home textiles, bags, stone / chemical washed products and used in outdoor items. Poly-Soft® also provides manufacturers with a significant cost advantage compared to natural fibres.

In addition, there are 5 more yarn types with recycled, water-repellent, anti-static, multi-coloured and chemical flame-retardant properties in the Poly-Soft® product line.

New maximum limit for softness and comfort with Durak Visco®

High quality flush embroidery thread Durak Visco® is preferred for vibrant and bright coloured works thanks to its natural structure. With its extra softness, the yarn is an excellent option for applications that touch the human skin and has 5 different thicknesses. Visco® can create even the finest details in fine thread size 60, and creates voluminous looks with thick threads in numbers 40 and 30. With 480 colour options, this embroidery thread reflects the light perfectly thanks to its natural structure and enables a brighter appearance in patterns. Durak Visco® yarns offer a high resistance to washing and perspiration, while reaching low breaking rates thanks to their special finishing processes. This means a great advantage to textile manufacturers in terms of productivity and product quality.

Addressing textile manufacturers looking for an alternative solution to polyester, Durak Visco® yarns can be used in ready-to-wear, home textiles, shirts, hats, leather products and labels as well as underwear. Oeko-Tex Standard-100, Class 1 certified Visco® series also includes Durak Visco Multicolor® threads developed for high quality coloured embroidery applications.

Colourful embroideries that do not fade in the sun with Durak Duramatt®

Made of 100% matte polyester, Durak Duramatt® embroidery thread is in an unrivalled position with its nearly three times light fastness compared to other polyester embroidery threads. Produced with dyestuffs specially developed for the embroidery industry, the yarn has permanent colours that do not fade easily. Thanks to its longevity in colour, Duramatt® is an attractive option especially for surface and accessory applications that are exposed to sunlight for longer time. Like other Durak Tekstil embroidery threads, Duramatt® has a structure that increases machine and embroidery performance and has a price advantage.

Widely preferred due to its matt appearance, Durak Duramatt® embroidery thread has a wide application area; denim clothing, workwear, shirts, leather products, suits, women’s wear, underwear, marine clothing, automotive, furniture, sportswear and outdoor textiles. This embroidery thread, which is suitable for vegan use, gives its users reliability and comfort with its Oeko-Tex certificate.

Embroidery in 100% acrylic strength with DURAK Durakril®

Produced from 100% acrylic fibre as an alternative to wool, DURAK Durakril® embroidery threads were developed for very special-purpose applications. This embroidery thread has a matte, hairy/wool-like look and full volume structure, also shows high performance in decorative and overlock applications. Having a great cost advantage compared to wool, DURAK Durakril® embroidery threads are produced in thickness number 12, which enables it to create chenille embroidery as well as general embroidery applications. DURAK Durakril® embroidery threads are available in 105 colours, and are preferred for matt-looking and voluminous applications.

Highly resistant to natural and chemical conditions, DURAK Durakril® yarns are not affected by the bleaching process, micro-organisms such as mildew and rot, washing and dry cleaning.

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