18th May, Mumbai’21: FK-R is Indian automobile blogger and businessman Faisal Khan’s premium riding gear and apparel brand. Offering sustainable and innovative products, FK-R showcases that world-class manufacturing can happen right here, in India. The brand delivers a range of sleek and functional motorcycle jackets, pants, gloves and kits with unique style customizations and evolving functionality. Founded in 2019 by Khan, FK-R adheres to PM Modi’s call to Indians to be ‘vocal for local.’ In a market where consumers are hard-pressed to find motorcycle riding gear at value-for-money prices, FK-R is bridging the gap between safety and quality. 

As a leading voice in India’s automobile industry, Khan is on a mission to promote motorcycle safety through FK-R. The brand’s focus on protective and premium riding gear realizes this objective through a range of products that cater to the modern, millennial motorcycle rider who is looking for both fashion and functionality. FK-R’s aim ultimately is to highlight the importance of protective gear and the brand has been received well. Its 2019 debut collection as well as its limited edition 2020 FK-R Black Jacket sold out in no time, with both bike enthusiasts and everyday users flocking to FK-R to fulfill their riding needs. 

Before launching his own home-grown, sporty and premium label FK-R, Khan was best known as the founder of MotorBeam and FasBeam, India’s top digital portals for all things cars and bikes. While MotorBeam provides a professional peek into the world of automobiles, FasBeam offers a raw take on vehicles. What sets Khan apart from his peers is the fact that he’s built immense value for both the automobile community and industry; Khan has gone the distance to bridge the space with content that generates trust. With over 2.5 M fans across the board, Khan is a millennial success story of determination and drive. His ‘Made in India’ venture FK-R is not only self-reliant, but is also contributing to the growth of the country.

A true visionary and disruptor, Faisal Khan’s contribution to the Indian automobile scene is invaluable. Khan’s FK-R is a class apart from its competitors because of its ethical ethos and environmentally sustainable appeal. Known for standing the test of endurance and time, FK-R products are also popular for their innovative and sleek design. In 2021, the brand is gearing up to release a full suite of protective riding gear for all segments. If history is to bear testimony, FK-R’s new collection too will leave a memorable mark in India’s automobile space, further cementing FK-R as a leading label in the field.

Website Link:  https://fk-r.com/