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Published: April 14, 2022

Performance Days, the leading trade fair on the latest trends in the development of fabrics for the  functional textile industry, has as main focus the PERFORMANCE FORUM, where the most recent innovations and developments are presented with a prize awarded to the winner of the category chosen for the current year, which for 2022 will be “The Journey to Carbon Neutrality – CO2 Reducing Technologies and Measuring Tools”.

Protagonists are therefore all those materials that contain carbon in reduced form and the strategies/technologies that companies implement to ensure the reduction of CO2 emissions during production and how these reductions are actually measured (through energy saving, careful use of resources, use of more sustainable materials, local production and other technological and production measures).

In this sense, Sitip’s strategy for reducing CO2 emissions and maximizing the use of resources is based on consolidating and optimizing the layout and logistics of the production plants, installing a cogeneration plant and a new generation smoke smoke abatement system and the transition to an energy-saving lighting system.

Regarding products, at Performance Days Sitip brings its latest innovations with an absolute focus on the embossing technique, a particular system of mechanical processes that can also be used on the recycled items from the NATIVE Sustainable Textiles line, a technology that is applied to fabrics produced with recycled yarns and chemicals with low environmental impact, implementing the GRS standard (Global Recycle Standard), result of the journey towards sustainability implemented by the company.

The collection of embossed designs combines performance, style and sustainability: thanks to special mechanical processes that combine heat and pressure, the fabric is embossed with geometric and design motifs for a more structured and palpable texture.

Sitip’s fabrics selected by PERFORMANCE FORUM

NATIVE-COSMOPOLITAN OSLO: fine gauge circular fabric made with post-consumer recycled yarns, 4-way stretch, gives UV protection (UPF 50+), skin comfort, no-see-through effect and perfect fit. PRESS OFFICE Valeria Rastrelli [email protected] – Mob. +39 3384073146

NATIVE-COSMOPOLITAN BELFAST: fine gauge 4-way stretch and double-knit fabric made with postconsumer recycled yarns, no-see-through effect and soft hand. NATIVE-COSMOPOLITAN PARIS GZ DIS. CARREAUX/SEERSUCKER/GALE’: back brushed fabric in fine gauge made with post-consumer recycled yarns and chemicals with a low envinronmental impact, 4-way stretch, no-seethrough, comfortable on the skin and easy care. CARREAUX/SEERSUCKER/GALE’ are three different types of embossing technique: with a particular system of mechanical processes that combine heat and pressure, the fabric is embossed with geometric and design motifs for a more structured and palpable texture.


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