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Rajasthan teen’s startup converts 1,000 kg of plastic waste to fabric

Published: September 16, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali
The desire to make the world a better place might emerge at any point in one’s life. The improvement of the environment is a common responsibility, and the burden is shared equally among us. Aditya Banger, a 17-year-old lad from Rajasthan, is contributing to this process of rectification and purification by doing his bit in minimising plastic waste with uttermost proficiency. Trash To Treasure is an enterprise created by a Bhilwara district teenager that converts plastic garbage into cloth.
Aditya, who comes from a family that runs a textile manufacturing company called Kanchan India Limited, travelled to China with his uncle while he was in 10th grade. The trip’s goal was to see and bring new cloth manufacturing processes to the Indian country, and it succeeded. “I discovered a unit that was transforming large volumes of garbage into fabric that could be used to make garments and accessories. Along with minimising garbage that would otherwise wind up in landfills, the process produces high-quality materials and creates jobs in the surrounding areas,” Aditya, who is now in 12th grade, told The Better India.

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