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Now Available For Tactical Applications Is ProTact By HaartzTM

Published: April 27, 2023

ProTact by HaartzTM, a new line of coated fabric products for use in tactical applications, was recently introduced by The Haartz Corporation, a manufacturer of highly engineered and distinctively designed textile materials.

ProTact is a multi-layer cloth that has been laminated together to create a superior product that satisfies all the specifications for tactical vests worn by first responders such as SWAT teams, law enforcement, and military personnel. With regard to the Berry Amendment, ProTact complies.

“We are aware of the significance of using sturdy, long-lasting materials in high-stress settings. In tests for flex and fatigue, fabric fraying, high-temperature laundering, and high-temperature and humidity endurance, our analysis of ProTact by Haartz revealed that it offers a high tensile strength and demonstrated durability, according to Samit Sadavarte, director of business development for new markets at Haartz. “Our progress in Our lengthy history as a dependable supplier to the biggest automakers in the world has given us a profound understanding of application-specific performance needs as well as decades of experience manufacturing flexible fabric laminates.

The widely used Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) system can be replaced with a lighter, more versatile alternative thanks to ProTact laminates’ compatibility with high-energy laser ablation cutting techniques. Since attachment points may be positioned anywhere on the fabric thanks to laser ablation, the webbing feature can be applied in a wider range of sizes, forms, and places. Additionally, the wearer may more easily modify their ballistic load carrier and take off their ballistic plates when not in use thanks to the laser cutting technique.


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