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After three months of constant growth, the cost of nonwoven fabric in Qatar soars to $3,256 per Tonne.

Published: August 17, 2023

Qatar Nonwoven Fabric Import Price in April 2023 

The cost of nonwoven fabric increased by 5.7% from the prior month to $3,256 per tonne (CIF, Qatar) in April 2023. Overall, the price of imports climbed moderately between April 2022 and April 2023, rising at an average monthly rate of +2.5% over the previous twelve months. However, the trend pattern showed that there were some observable changes during the studied time. Compared to January 2023 indices, the import price of nonwoven fabric grew by +61.6% in April 2023. The rate of growth was 36% faster in March 2023 compared to the previous month. Average import prices throughout the studied period reached all-time highs of $3,304 per tonne in September 2022 before levelling off until April 2023.

The primary providing nations’ average pricing varied significantly from one another. China had the highest price in April 2023 ($3,854 per tonne), while Saudi Arabia had some of the lowest prices ($2,446 per tonne).

Qatar Nonwoven Fabric Imports 

In April 2023, the amount of nonwoven fabrics imported into Qatar declined to 209 tons, reducing by -8.9% against the month before. In general, imports recorded a abrupt contraction. The growth pace was the most rapid in October 2022 when imports increased by 119% against the previous month.

In value terms, nonwoven fabric imports shrank modestly to $680K (IndexBox estimates) in April 2023. Over the period under review, imports continue to indicate a deep downturn. The most prominent rate of growth was recorded in August 2022 with an increase of 43% against the previous month. As a result, imports reached the peak of $2.7M. From September 2022 to April 2023, the growth of imports failed to regain momentum.

Qatar Nonwoven Fabric Imports by Country 

With a 54% share of all imports in April 2023, India (112 tonnes) was Qatar’s leading nonwoven fabric supplier. Furthermore, nonwoven fabric imports from India were twice as much as those from China, the second-largest provider (49 tonnes).

The average monthly growth rate in terms of volume coming from India from April 2022 to April 2023 was -9.4%. The average monthly rates of import growth for the remaining providing nations were as follows: China (-6.1%) and Saudi Arabia (+14.7%).

With a combined 89% of all imports, India ($311K), China ($188K), and Saudi Arabia ($107K) were Qatar’s major nonwoven fabric suppliers in value terms.

Saudi Arabia witnessed the highest rates of growth in terms of the value of imports among the major suppliers over the examined period, while purchases for the other market leaders decreased. Saudi Arabia’s CAGR was +14.1%.

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