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Exports of Handicrafts

Published: July 26, 2019

As per export statistics maintained by this office in respect of handicrafts and handmade carpets, both production and exports have shown increasing trend.The details of category-wise exports of handicrafts and handmade carpets for F.Y’s 2016-17, 2017-18 & 2018-19 are attached at Annexure A.


Office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) implements various schemes for promotion and development of handicrafts sector under “National Handicraft Development Programme (NHDP)” and Comprehensive Handicrafts Cluster Development Scheme (CHCDS).

The NHDP has the following components:


  1. Base Line Survey & Mobilization of Artisans under AmbedkarHastshilpVikasYojana:- This scheme aims to promote Indian handicrafts by developing artisans’ clusters into professionally managed and self-reliant community enterprise on the principles of effective member participation and mutual cooperation.


  1. Design & Technology Upgradation the scheme aims to upgrade artisan’s skills through development of innovative designs and prototypes products for overseas market, revival of endangered crafts, supply of modern tools and equipment and preservation of heritage.


  • III. Human Resource Development this scheme has been formulated to provide qualified and trained workforce to the handicraft sector.


  • IV. Direct Benefit to Artisans this Scheme envisages welfare measures like Health and Life insurance, recognition and extending credit facilities to the artisans.


  1. Infrastructure and Technology Support this Scheme aims to development of world class infrastructure in the country to support handicraft production, and enhance the product quality and cost to enable it to compete in the global market.


  • VI. Research and Development this scheme aims to conduct surveys and studies of important crafts and make in-depth analysis of specific aspects and problems of Handicrafts in order to generate useful inputs to aid policy planning and fine tune the ongoing initiatives.


  1. Marketing Support & Services this Scheme aims to promote exports of handicrafts and handmade carpet and create brand imageof Indian handicrafts in International Markets. Under this scheme, financial assistance is provided for participation of artisans in domestic and international craft exhibitions/seminars in metropolitan cities/state capitals / places of tourist or commercial interest/other places.


The CHCDS has following components:


  1. Mega Cluster mega cluster approach is a drive to scale up the infrastructural and production chain at Handicrafts clusters. The prospects of this sector lie in infrastructural upgradation, modernization of the machinery and product diversification and innovative manufacturing as well as, furthered by brand building of the native products hold the key to creating a niche market for the products manufactured by the clusters.


  1. Special projects under Integrated Development and Promotion of Handicraft this scheme aims to provide adequate infrastructure for production, value addition and quality assurance for handicrafts and to develop handicrafts as a sustainable and remunerative livelihood option for artisans in the state.


GST has been introduced by the Government of India to rationalize multiple taxes on goods & services and to bring transparency in the taxation system. Accordingly, it is applicable to the textile sectors also, including Handicrafts. Turnover of most of the craftsperson does not exceed Rs.20 Lakh and hence they do not require registration under GST.

Annexure A

Statement showing Export of Handicrafts and Handmade Carpet for the period 2016-17 to 2018-19

(Rupees In Crores & USD Million)
ITEMS 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 CAGR (2016-17 to 2018-19)
(April-March) (April-March) (April-March)
Incrores USD Million In crores USD Million In crores USD Million In crores USD Million
A.   Handicrafts.
1.  Art Metal ware 4705.64 702.51 3955.81 613.73 3762.79 538.24 -10.58% -12.47%
2.  Wood wares 3916.01 584.09 4267.37 662.47 5424.91 775.99 17.70% 15.26%
3. Hand printed Textiles & Scarves 3847.40 573.85 3665.00 568.62 3483.16 498.24 -4.85% -6.82%
 4. Embroidered & Crocheted goods 3227.00 481.05 3305.16 512.79 3925.97 561.58 10.30% 8.05%
5. Shawls as art ware 3.85 0.57 5.06 0.83 7.02 1.00 35.03% 32.45%
6. Zari & Zari goods 69.02 10.30 98.69 15.37 130.02 18.60 37.25% 34.38%
7. Imitation Jewellery 1619.09 241.59 1540.80 239.05 1930.40 276.13 9.19% 6.91%
8. Agarbatties& Attars 912.50 136.19 982.82 152.48 966.22 138.21 2.90% 0.74%
9. Misc. Handicrafts 6091.89 908.90 5208.64 808.15 6959.76 995.56 6.89% 4.66%
B. Carpet & other Floor Coverings.
1. Handmade Woolen 9249.8 1379.5 8361.9 1296.4 9189.1 1324.5 -0.33% -2.02%
2. Silk 63.8 9.5 17.4 2.7 24.2 3.5 -38.45% -39.51%
3. Synthetic 688.3 102.7 826.7 128.2 994.7 143.4 20.21% 18.18%
Grand Total   (A+B) 34394.3 5130.8 32235.3 5000.8 36798.2 5274.9 3.44% 1.39%
The data of exports from 2016-17 to 2018-19 are as per data of DGCI&S, Kolkata.

This information was given by the Union Minister of Textiles, SmritiZubinIrani, in a written reply in the Rajya Sabha today.


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