EDANA invites converters and suppliers to register

11th July 2022 – Brussels EDANA is excited to announce that its Quality and Audit Programme is now operational.

In April, EDANA announced that its Quality and Audit Programme (QAP) was open for registration. EDANA can confirm that QAP is also operational: the first onsite audit was conducted 28-30 June in France.

The objective of the programme is to provide the absorbent hygiene products industry, as well as the wet wipes industry, with a harmonised quality and hygiene standard. This is done by listing the requirements industry needs to meet to ensure that finished consumer products are safe and meet consumer expectations.

The entire hygiene industry will benefit from having a harmonised quality standard that is fully transparent and available on the EDANA website. Converters benefit from access to the results of professionally conducted audits, which help them manage their supplier base. Suppliers benefit from independent and objective audits, conducted at their request, against a single standard.

The intention is to also implement it in other regions such as the Americas and Asia Pacific. The EDANA QAP working group’s vision is that this programme will be the leading standard in the industry.

More information is available at https://www.edana.org/quality-audit-programme where converters and suppliers can sign up for participation. Organisations can also register to participate in a training course to get familiar with the standard.