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Arvind Textile’s Net Profit For The March Quarter Was Rs 53.34 Crore

Published: May 27, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

Arvind Ltd, a leading textile producer, announced a combined net profit of Rs 53.34 crore for the fourth fiscal year ended March 2021 on Wednesday.

Arvind said in a regulatory filing that the business reported a net loss of Rs 17.32 crore in the January-March quarter of the previous financial year. Its income from operations was Rs 1,654.87 crore, up marginally from Rs 1,641.56 crore in the previous quarter.

“Denim volumes recuperated to 113 percent of the earlier year in the final quarter, while woven volumes recuperated to 112 percent,” said Arvind in a post-profit explanation. It, nonetheless, detailed a drop in piece of clothing volumes, which remained at 92% of the earlier year’s Q4 numbers. In addition, Ebitda edges in materials improved to 12.6 percent, contrasted and 9.3 percent a year prior, regardless of a critical expansion in completely input costs including cotton, yarns, colors, synthetic substances, bundling and transport, it added. Ebitda represents profit before interest, expense, deterioration, and amortization. Arvind’s complete costs remained at Rs 1,566.36 crore in the Walk 2021 quarter, down 2.91 percent as against Rs 1,613.37 crore a year prior.

Image Source: Financial Express

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