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Eco-Friendly Solutions To Be Presented By Sustainable Textile Firms

Published: November 9, 2020
Author: Manali bhanushali

The Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF) has organized a two-day online streaming event by six selected premium textile firms to present their latest sustainable innovations and display Taiwan’s competitive advantage in functional and sustainable textiles to the global textile industry.

According to UN Conference on Trade and Development, fashion industry is considered the second most polluting industry in the world. Each year, half a million tons of microfiber, equivalent of 3 million barrels of oil, is being dumped into the ocean. Roughly 20% of global waste water, about 93 billion cubic meter, is used by the fashion industry annually. As extreme weather becomes more common, consumers and brands start to realize that actions are needed for a better future.

As the provider of 70% of the world’s functional textiles, Taiwan textile firms are quick to act to minimize environmental footprints and be more socially responsible. Through innovative research and development, sustainable fabrics are developed from waste bio-based materials and PET bottles to help lessen the burden on mother earth.

Day1 (11th of Nov., 9AM CET): 3 companies present sustainable textiles:

Yi Shin Textile Industrial Co., Ltd. presents bio-degradable Magic Yarn series that are both green and functional.

Camangi Corporation utilizes fish scales with their UMORFIL bionic fiber technology to create skin-friendly fabrics that retain moisture.

Four Elements Energy Biotechnology Co., Ltd. showcases their recycled Talent Yarn infused with Zinc technology that provides anti-bacterial and anti-order functions.

Day2 (12th of Nov., 9AM CET): 3 companies showcase Eco-friendly solutions:

Acelon Chemicals & Fiber Corporation combines bio based nylon with CiCLO technology to make bio-degradable yarn for greener future.

Singtex Industrial Co., Ltd. announces the world’s first bio-based membrane, AIRMEM, which is made with oil from waste coffee grounds.

Libolon International Trading Co., Ltd. helps to protect the environment with their water-saving Ecoya solution dye yarn.

The two day online streaming event will be held via TTF’s Textile Export Promotion Project (TEPP) official Facebook and YouTube on the 11th and 12th of November at 9:00AM CET, come and watch what the textile industry are doing to reduce pollution and stop global warming.

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