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Mr. N.D. Mhatre , ITAMMA , MUMBAI.

Today everyone is looking at COVID 2019 as our enemy as it is considered to be our life taking Tool. I say Tool because it is artificially developed and not a living being. The actual fact is ‘COVID 2019’ reduces our immunity strength attacking those especially with less immunity strength and suffering from any diseases. No medicine could be prepared to kill it as it is not having life and the only medicine to avoid is ‘Distancing from it and those infected by it.’ Thus Socialism and Spirituality has once again taken over our Science.

The quotes of Mr. Tom Threaden, Editor of New York Times some 5/7 years back ‘World is flat’ has proved true today by “COVID 2019.” Today we have seen that there are no barriers of caste, religion, power, rich & poor, etc. Even developed and Supreme power countries like USA, UK, Italy, France, etc. even after well equipped with state-of-the art technology level and financially very sound have surrendered and are defeated in controlling “COVID 2019.” On the other side the undeveloped countries of East Asia and India with huge population are successful in fighting against “COVID 2019.” The qualities like high level of Resisting power to face the trouble shooting situation and the strong Will power to live among the Indians have helped them in this ‘Era of No Medicine.’ At the same time high level of automation in safety and health care in developed countries have set up a drawback among their population especially senior citizens to completely rely on the medicines and equipments, resulting in the retardation of their WILL power and Resisting power.

It is also seen that all the countries are closing their Borders thus we are once again going 100 years back of the Borderless World. After the World War-I, countries like Britain and France were using their Veto powers and created their own Emperor which were further destroyed in World War –II, 70 years back, and then USA & USSR became the Super powers which are now collapsing in 2020.

Today COVID-2019 has demanded for a change in Geogropolitical system, calling for restructuring of all the arrangements of barter agreements, MOUs, rules & regulations, policies, planning, legal laws, etc.

We have seen that all the Super power countries with the power of money, army and……went beyond their borders and demanded the other countries to manufacturer for them the products as per their technology and which called for huge man power(shifting all manufacturing activities to other countries). Today during this crucial situation, they are facing the scarcity of normal medical products like’ face Masks, Gloves, etc’ and has to rely on other countries because they have stopped inhouse manufacturing and have lost their potential in manufacturing. Also they has to accept the out standard medical products as supplied by China, where one time these countries have only set the Quality Norms for the World.

Thus it can be said that COVID-2019 has taught us to make our borders strong fulfilling all the requirements of your own people and then go beyond the borders. While the strong message set by COVID-2019 is ‘to come closer to each other, you need to maintain distance.’