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Antimicrobial Finish Is The Most Desired Functional Finish In The Global Textile And Apparel Market

Published: August 24, 2020
Author: Ramgsutra

N9 Pure SilverTM is an antibacterial and hygiene finish applied on fabrics or garments. It is a revolutionary particulate silver-based technology that, on contact, neutralises odour-causing bacteria, keeping textiles fresher for longer. This breakthrough technology delivers outstanding odour control performance, combined with impeccable environmental credentials and safety profile.

N9 Pure Silver™ is a pure metallicsilver in ultra-pure de-ionised water. The actual silver loading in each gram of N9 Pure Silver™ is incredibly low. However, the configuration of the individual N9 Pure Silver™particles makes them highly effective at neutralising bacteria and other microbes even with this low silver loading. N9 Pure Silver™ is non-leaching. It remains intact on the treated textile and works to protect it from bacteria and other microbes. This means that there is minimal loss of silver into the environment or onto the skin.

Silver based products of our competitors are pre-dominantly silver salts and therefore leaching in nature. Not only do they require a higher amount of silver to deliver the required results, they also leach extensively during washing, affecting the environment and aquatic life.

Other benefits of N9 Pure SilverTM:

Easy to apply:

1. Can be applied by padding, spray, coating and exhaust

2. Stable in application conditions

3. Negligible yellowing on whites

4. Can be used in combination with other textile finishes

High performance:

1. Highly effective long-lasting freshness: 30 + washes

2. Tested against a wide range of bacteria following internationally recognised test protocols

3. Compatible with multiple substrates: cotton, synthetics and blends


1. Safe on skin

2. Does not leach as it is strongly bound

3. Bacteriostatic

4. Gently defensive

5. OEKO-TEX listed.

Gentle on the environment:

1. Non-leaching chemistry

2. Minimal silver loading

3. Low release through wash

4. Zero VOC

How easily adaptable is this to a mill’s current set-up?

It is compatible with the existing set-up at a mail – no special equipment is required. N9 Pure Silver™ ‘s non-ionic nature ensures that it is very stable at the time of application. It can even be applied in combination with other finishes, saving costs and valuable resources such as manpower, water and energy.

1. N9 Pure Silver™can be applied in classical textile finishing processes -through exhaust and padding

2. No effect on standard process conditions

3. Can be applied in combination with other textile finishes

4. Compatible with other technologies to deliver unmatched sensory benefits including ultimate freshness

What kind of value does this add to a textile?

Textile materials do not have any inherent antimicrobial properties. The natural properties of textile fibres provide room for the growth of microorganisms due to sweat. Humid and warm environments further aggravate the problem. Staining and the loss of performance of textile substrates is a result of microbial attack. An antimicrobial finish is applied to textiles with the intention to protect the wearer from malodour and the textile substrate from degradation. Many prominent textile brands and manufacturers use antimicrobials to value add to their existing range of textiles or garments and to pass on this value to their end customers. Hygiene for textiles is emerging as a priority in functionality as garments are closest to human skin, touching it all day, every day, in one form or the other. Garments are a second skin, protecting humans from the elements.

What are the other application areas for N9 Pure Silver™?

The potential presented by N9 Pure Silver™ is immense. From articles of daily use, such as clothing, and bed linen, to inner wear, jeans wear, work wear, military wear, hospital textiles, uniforms and active wear, formals, socks, knits and towels – the opportunities are vast, making it an ideal solution for several industries.

N9 Pure Silver™ also finds very interesting consumer applications on textiles as well as other non-textile substrates. Plastic packaging materials can be made more hygienic. Water storage systems made out of plastics can control bacterial growth thereby improving the quality of water and preventing bacterial and algal growth. Cosmetics can be preserved and their antimicrobial properties can be enhanced.

Shoes and leather articles can be made odour free and safe to touch using N9 Pure Silver™. Malodour arising from industrial processes can be controlled effectively using this technology. Disinfectant cleaners, personal care products, sanitizers can be enhanced with the disinfectant properties associated with N9 Pure Silver™. Healthcare and hospitality industries greatly benefits from such applications as they improve safety levels for people using their facilities. Medical instruments can be made cleaner between cleanings.

How has the Indian textile industry responded to the new technology?

The Indian textile industry has responded very well – today we have more than 75 brands in India alone that have already adopted this technology on their apparel and have used the N9 Pure SilverTMlogo as an ingredient brand within their articles to communicate the power of Silver to the end consumer. This communication programme (mainly through the use of hang tags) helps brands and consumers to understand the benefits of Silver.

Are you looking at the international market too?

We are already working with a few globally renowned brands. We are constantly exploring regulatory guidelines in the UK and USA for registering these technologies for further commercialisation in the global market place.

How do you perceive the Indian and overseas market for N9 Pure SilverTM?

The market is rapidly evolving to understand the benefits offered by garments that promote hygiene and freshness. An antimicrobial finish is among the most desired of functional finishes based on our understanding of the Indian and global markets, alike. This technology we believe has immense potential across the globe.

What is your strategy to achieve your growth target?

We are engaging actively with brands to provide them with extensive technical and marketing support in order to take this finish forward through their products. We also partner with brands to market the concept further to the end user so it is well understood. We collaborate with prominent mills in their offerings to brands on various substrates and application segments. This goes a long way to ensure that N9 Pure SilverTM’s concept of hygiene and freshness is made available across a multitude of product segments. We also help deliver product combos in combination with other functional finishes such as moisture management, water repellency, etc to provide added value to brands and their end consumers.

Resil recently won a National Award for N9 Pure SilverTM. Tell us about this award.

In 2016, Resil won a prestigious National Award from the Technology Development Board, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, for the successful commercialisation of an indigenous technology, N9 Pure SilverTM. This award was presented by the Honourable President of India, Pranab Mukherjee on Technology Day. This award recognises excellence in collaboration, indigenous technology development and commercialisation.

In 2014, N9 Pure SilverTM was featured on BBC Horizons, the flagship science and technology programme airing on BBC World News. The segment was also featured on allied channels across the world.

In 2013, Resil was presented with the Bangalore INDIA NANO Innovation Award for pioneering work in the development of antibacterial & anti-malodour solutions. This award was presented by Nobel Laureate Sir Andre Geim in the presence of Bharat Ratna awardee Professor C N R Rao.

Any other new developments in the pipeline at Resil?

CoolitTM is a sustainable cooling technology that responds dynamically to body temperature and perspiration, keeping people cool even when on the move. For cotton clothes, CoolitTM facilitates an endothermic reaction that absorbs body heat, generating a cooling effect of up to 3?C when in contact with sweat and moisture leaving the wearer feeling cool and comfortable

NeuDriTM was developed as a dynamic drying technology that rapidly wicks perspiration from the skin and transfers moisture to the fabric’s surface, leaving the wearer dry, comfortable, cool and confident.

In addition to evaporation, NeuDri™ has excellent soil release, softening, and anti-static properties that ensure that sportswear is not only comfortable, but also supple and functional.

SoladelTM uses the power of the sunlight to peel off any kind of organic dirt on textiles, easing the washing process, and preventing one’s favorite clothes from getting ruined. This textile treatment acts in a manner similar to photosynthesis, effectively breaking down organic dirt molecules and releasing them from the surface of the fabric.

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