Export Has A Long-Standing And Sustainable Business

Published: March 14, 2023

Rethinavelu, chairman of the Agro Food Trade Center, stated that exporting was a long-standing, reliable, and sustainable business on Saturday.

At the Export Promotion Center’s “Export Summit 2023,” he was giving a speech. He said that the State government was taking action to enhance the proportion of fruits and vegetables that were processed. According to him, only 2% of fruits and vegetables are currently processed, which would result in a significant gain in revenue if it were raised to 10%.

The ambassador of Peru to India, Javier Manuel Paulinich Velarde, spoke in detail about the export of a variety of items, with textile and apparel coming in first place, followed by food and drink, etc. He discussed how accepting bitcoin makes doing business in Peru easier. as a form of payment, stability for investments, etc.

El Salvador is ranked first in the world for silver mining reserves and third for copper, according to Guillermo Rubio Funes, El Salvador’s ambassador to India, who also noted that 35% of the country’s territory is ideal for mining operations. He discussed the benefits of investing in El Salvador, such as the nation’s stable macroeconomic system and high level of global integration through a number of trade agreements. The Indonesian Embassy’s commerce director, Nugroho Priyo, was virtually present.

The State Government’s initiative to make Madurai an export hub, bilateral trades, and other topics were covered in panel discussions in which the directors of Bilal Match Works, Sivakasi, Noor Mohamend, PSS Krishnamurthy Exports, Iswarya Sankaralingam, and Associate Vice President of Guidance Cell Tamil Nadu participated. Rajavel took part. The occasion included the organisation of an exhibition as well.

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