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BSL Ltd commissions ₹150-cr cotton spinning unit in Bhilwara, India

Published: April 26, 2023


  • BSL Ltd has launched a cotton spinning unit in Bhilwara, Rajasthan, India, which is anticipated to increase its income by $250 crore in the ensuing fiscal year.
  • The new facility will produce 700 tonnes of cotton yarn each month with a capacity of 30,000 spindles.
  • Additionally, the smart manufacturing facility will offer 200 more people jobs. In Bhilwara in the Indian state of Rajasthan, BSL Limited, a venerable name in the textile and apparel sectors, has opened its first cotton spinning facility. The company’s revenue anticipated to increase by $250 crore as a result of this expansion in the upcoming year. 

    With its 30,000 spindles, the new facility will be able to produce 700 tonnes of cotton yarn each month. The advanced manufacturing facility will give more people jobs.

    The business chose to manufacture 100% cotton yarn less than a year ago, and in record speed, it puts up a plant for spinning cotton yarn. BSL Ltd. will provide various counts of 100% cotton yarn in counts of 1/20, 1/30, combed yarn, carded yarn, and siro spun yarn.

    According to a press statement from the company, these yarns will be made available for a commercial sale for both the domestic and export markets.All 450 Ikea stores worldwide carry BSL Ltd’s goods, which are Ikea sole source for furniture fabrics from South Asia. 

    Additionally, the company offers two suiting brands that serve the mass market and premium segments, respectively: BSL and Geoffrey Hammond’s (GH).BSL Ltd has broadened its product line and offerings, focusing on pure wool and poly wool textiles, ethnic clothing and Jacquard’s, especially for local consumers. Additionally, GH-Insignia, a new brand, was introduced.  

    When it comes to exports, it provides a wide range of suiting fabrics that are sent to more than 55 nations as well as a unique collection of upholstery fabrics for curtains and furniture upholstery. According to the press release, BSL Ltd. has a solid market position and a dealer network that spans all of India.

    Nivedan Churiwal, the managing director, commented on the development by stating that India has one of the fastest-growing cotton spinning industries worldwide and that there is a sizable market for cotton yarn and other cotton-based products both domestically and overseas. The recent China Plus One Policy, the robust demand from the Indian and global markets, the plentiful availability of raw resources, and the manufacturing of high-quality items by Indian manufacturers are just a few of the reasons behind this. 

    With the aid of numerous initiatives, including the recently constructed a cotton spinning factory, other expansion plans, and our wide portfolio, we at BSL Ltd are optimistic that our aims will be achieved. 

By- Mansi Patil

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