The government has neglected to pay cotton growers their $1,5 billion overdue balance from the previous season.
Torerayi Moyo, a Zanu PF politician, wanted to know when the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) will transfer the due cash to needy farmers. Some farmers had failed to sow their crops this year because they were waiting for money due to them from the Treasury. Anxious Masuka, the Agriculture Minister, reacted by announcing that the first batch had been distributed to people who had opened bank accounts.
According to Finance Minister Masuka, the government is committed to paying the $1.55 billion due to cotton growers in 2020. RBZ issued the first tranche of $66 million mid-last week, he added. The Treasury required the Cotton Company of Zimbabwe to verify the farmers’ database, including their bank details.
However, several MPs were still dissatisfied with the delays, which had in some cases resulted in schoolchildren or students failing to complete their education because most schools are now engaged in online learning, which is costly.
Legislators stated that some farmers have died as a result of stress-related diseases, while others have refused to return to the field due to payment delays because they cannot afford inputs.