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Coloreel awarded Quality Innovation Award – Circular economy and carbon neutrality innovations category

Published: November 2, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

Coloreel and the ground-breaking instant thread coloring technology for the embroidery and textile industry has been awarded the Quality Innovation Award in the category “Circular economy and carbon neutrality innovations, an award from SIQ, the Swedish Institute for Quality. 

The Quality Innovation Award is a co-arrangement between quality institutes in several countries that annually awards companies, organizations, or individuals with innovations that have a clear connection to conscious systems in their work and a clearly identified customer need as a starting point. It is crucial to receive the award novelty, usability, learning, customer orientation, and efficiency.

 Motivation from SIQ, the Swedish Institute for Quality:

The innovation “Instant Thread Coloring (ITC)Technology for embroidery and textile industry”, is an excellent example of how innovation, technology and environmental awareness can make the world a better place. The innovation is pioneering in that yarn is dyed on site and as needed and the innovation shows the way for the textile industry and other industries that need to take a step towards more sustainable production.

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