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The Ultimate Guide To YouTube Advertisement For Every Brands

Published: February 24, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

Without a doubt, YouTube is a world-famous marketing platform. Over 78% of marketers believe that videos give the best ROI. Also, 99% of marketers who implement video marketing and will continue to do so! Approximately 3 billion searches are done per month. Almost one-third of internet users visit YouTube daily. 

YouTube is the second largest search engine platform in the world. You are missing out if you aren’t using this excellent video platform to improve your brand or product to your potential customers. 

In this guide, you will learn everything about YouTube advertising — from starting to ending techniques to get the most out of your cash!

Types of YouTube ads:

Everyone can create an advertisement on YouTube. There are many ads available on YouTube. 

  • Skippable in-stream ads
  • Non-skippable in-stream ads
  • Non- video ads
  • Video discovery ads

1. Skippable in-stream ads:

It is one of the YouTube ads, and it rubs on before or during a video. This ad’s ultimate feature is that the audience can select to skip them after the play in the first 5 seconds. 

As a marketer, you will pay for the viewed ads, which keep watching the ad for the first 5 seconds. These ads should be 12 seconds long. If you want to run the ad in 12 seconds, you can do it. 

You can pay when a viewer has watched the first 30 seconds or the entire ad, whether they interconnect with your ad by clicking whichever views first.

Sidebar Ad:  

You can hear about the Trueview ad. This ad is considered YouTube’s pet this ad because the payment type is flexible to all marketers. You can only pay for an impression of an ad when a viewer chooses to watch it. 

2. Non-Skippable in-stream ads:

According to the report, 76% of people choose to skip ads automatically. Many advertisers prefer to play the before or during advertisements that don’t have a skip button. 

Are you thinking about how to suit you? If you aim to enhance brand awareness and be sure that your creativity should be healthy to grab your audience’s attention for the full 15 seconds, you can choose these ads.

Also, this ad will play up to 20 seconds in India, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore. 

Note: You can pay for non-skippable ads at each impression (i.e., per 1000 views)

3. Bumper Ads:

Bumper ads are concise ads (at 6 seconds long), and it looks like a non-skippable in-stream ad. It helps to reach more audiences and improve your brand awareness. You are similar in that you will pay for impressions, and it shows up as pre, mid, or post-roll, and they are the best used to reach and brand awareness campaigns.

Non-video ads:

If you want to advertise your brand without a budget for video, YouTube offers non-video ads. 

  • Display Ads: It displays on the right sidebar and adds an image and text, along with a CTA option, with a link to your website.
  • In-video overlay ads: It appears on top of the video content from monetized YouTube channels.

In the economic world, both ad types display in conjunction with perfect content. Of course, that’s not always the case.

For instance, this osteopath’s video that helps shoulder exercise video probably falls under “health,” and maybe so do these ads for herbal remedies and MRIs. Of course, the chances of a user being interested in all three are slim. 

4. Discovery ads

Although in-stream ads look like a traditional TV commercial, these ads are related to the ads you can see on Google’s search results page. (This ad remembers that YouTube is the world’s second search engine as a social platform.)

This ad shows up along with organic search results. Thus, if your video looks more relevant than the organic results, people will select to watch it.

In discovery ads, you can add three lines of text along with a thumbnail. When interested people click on the ad, they’re sent through your video page or YouTube channel.

Additional Tips for Enhance Your Brand on YouTube:

First, your video ad will live on YouTube, so begin by uploading the video file (like animated videos) to your YouTube channel. Ensure the video is public; if you don’t want it popping up in your channel, you can create it unlisted.

Creating useful & engaging content will grasp your audience into your channel. If your video gets popular and well-ranked, you can get many views, likes, and comments. You will get more engagement on your YouTube videos, and it will get fame quickly and reach more audiences. And finally, your brand will be recognized promptly among the users. 

Adding keywords is the most effective one to bring rank on SERP pages. Placing keywords in your video title and description helps to get the rank easily while the audience searches the related videos. 

How to make a YouTube Campaign: 

1. Create a YouTube campaign:

Log in to your Google ads account and choose the new campaign. The new campaign based on the following marketing goals:

  • Website traffic
  • Sales
  • Leads
  • Brand awareness and reach
  • Product and brand consideration

2. Choose Campaign Type:

Campaign including all forms of Google ads such as search results, text, shopping. So, ensure that you need to video or, in some cases, Discovery campaigns help show your video to audiences on YouTube.

3. Select the Video Campaign Subtype:

There are many kinds of ad types available on YouTube. You can choose from, 

  • Skippable in-stream
  • Bumper
  • Non- skippable 

Don’t forget to add the name of your campaign to your future purpose. 


As a marketer, you will need to promote your brand among the audience. Choose the ad which perfectly suits your budget and your content. If you’re a beginner at advertising, you can add your budget to a minimum level at the starting stage. After getting the results, you can decide to resume or pause the campaigns. Work! Work! Get success! 

Author Bio:

Victoria Daniel is a social media expert and writer who is working in PixelGroovy. She is a regular contributor to well-established IOT blogs and she has been into Internet Marketing for two years. Also, you can find me on 

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