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Metro Hi-Tech Co-Op Textile Park

Published: April 17, 2020

MHTP was established with the primary objective of providing infrastructure to the nearby textile business groups. As on today, MHTP provides infrastructural services like 24/7 electricity, clean water for industrial & general use, roads, street light, water purifier plants like ETP & STP and so on.

Today, with the use of above facilities & effective management, MHTP has succeeded to attract large number of textile units in its premises. MHTP has all most every textile division in its premises, such as spinning unit (both ring spinning & rotor spinning), ultra-modern weaving units, dying houses, garment units, garment processing units & so on.

Company Name: Metro Hi-Tech Co-Op Textile Park Ltd.

Location: Kolhapur , Maharashtra.

Official Website:


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