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Lindstrom, Finnish Textile Rental Company, Launches Cleanroom Facility in Hyderabad

Published: November 10, 2023

Global textile rental company Lindstrom, based in Finland, recently opened its second cleanroom facility in India through its subsidiary Lindstrom India. The expansive facility, spanning over three acres, has been established to cater to the rising demand for Lindstrom’s services in critical industries such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, healthcare, electronics, and automobiles. Cleanroom facilities are specially designed environments that maintain a high level of cleanliness, crucial for sectors like healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and electronics. These facilities play a vital role in ensuring product quality, research integrity, and safety.

The inauguration of the cleanroom and the relocation of a larger, modern workwear facility in Hyderabad was attended by officials including Jayesh Ranjan, the Industries and IT Secretary, Finland’s Ambassador Kimmo Lahdevirta, and Lindstrom Group’s president and CEO, Juha Laurio. The opening of this facility is a significant step for Lindstrom as it solidifies its position as India’s exclusive provider of organized workwear services. Additionally, the company plans to double its workwear capacity in Telangana, aiming to employ 1,000 individuals over the next decade, compared to the current headcount of 70 in Hyderabad.

Lindstrom currently oversees 11 workwear and two cleanroom business units across India, employing more than 900 skilled professionals. With a distribution of 2.3 million garment pieces, the company launched its first cleanroom facility in Pune in 2018. Globally, Lindstrom has approximately 13 million garments in circulation across its service lines, totalling 21 million pieces of textiles.

Speaking about the new cleanroom facility, Ambassador Lahdevirta highlighted its state-of-the-art technology, which ensures process integrity, especially in sectors like healthcare and pharmaceuticals. The Industries and IT Secretary, Mr. Ranjan, emphasized that this facility will serve as a crucial enabler for various industries. Mr. Laurio expressed confidence in choosing Hyderabad as the location for the new facility, citing its strategic importance and the growing demand for Lindstrom’s services in the region. The company continues to strive towards providing exceptional workwear solutions and reinforcing its position in the textile rental industry.

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