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Budget Quote by Palash Agrawal, Founder, Director, Vedas Exports.

Published: February 2, 2023

This budget has been good for MSMEs like us and common people too. The MSMEs like us now must pay only when we receive payments. This is a huge relief, as we suffered due to the non-receipt of payments from vendors. Funds have been allotted to the handicraft industry, which is a welcome sign. I would have loved to see more incentives for exporting handicrafts; it would have given a further push to the home décor industry like ours. There could have been more players who would have come, and India could have become an export hub for handcrafted artifacts.
The budget has taken care of women and senior citizens; women are getting special benefits, and senior citizens have higher tax slabs. Overall, this will be good for the economy.

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