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Exprtex Set to Revolutionize Textile Industry as Key Import-Replacement Player for Nylon Fabrics

Published: November 19, 2023

Exprtex Shingora, a prominent manufacturer and supplier of high-performance fabrics, is rapidly making its mark in India’s technical textile industry. Known for its expertise in producing fireproof, cold weather resistant, tactical, waterproof, and workwear-appropriate textiles, the company has become a trusted name in various sectors that require reliable protective clothing.

In a recent interview with Divya Shetty, Amit Jain, Managing Director of Exprtex Shingora, shared his insights on the future of India’s technical textile industry and revealed the company’s growth strategies. Jain expressed confidence in the potential of the industry, particularly in sectors such as agriculture, geotechnology, medical applications, and sports tech where the company is focusing its efforts.

Highlighting the supportive role of the government, Jain acknowledged the remarkable dedication shown in the past few years. He emphasized the importance of collaboration with specialized institutes, suggesting curriculum changes to equip graduates with the necessary skills for the industry. Jain also called for financial backing and better fund monitoring to strengthen institutions such as VJTI and NIT Jalandhar.

Discussing Exprtex Shingora’s growth plans, Jain emphasized the company’s ambition to become an import replacement company for nylon fabrics, targeting the dominance of Chinese imports. The company aims to excel in the production of specialized fabrics such as IFR and performance textiles, with aspirations to compete with European counterparts.

Moreover, Exprtex Shingora’s commitment to sustainability was evident in its success with nylon cotton products. By aligning innovation with eco-friendly solutions, the company is setting itself up for long-term success and positive environmental impact.

With a combination of ambition, market awareness, innovation, and sustainability at its core, Exprtex Shingora is expected to make a significant impact on India’s textile industry in the coming years. As the company sets its sights on overseas expansion, it demonstrates growing confidence in its capabilities and a commitment to global competitiveness.

About Exprtex Shingora:

Exprtex Shingora is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-performance fabrics in India. Specializing in fireproof, cold weather resistant, tactical, waterproof, and workwear-appropriate textiles, the company offers reliable protective solutions for various industries. With a focus on import replacement, specialized fabrics, global competitiveness, and sustainable practices, Exprtex Shingora aims to make a lasting impact in the technical textile industry.

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