Busana Apparel Group, a major Indonesian apparel manufacturer, has chosen Centric Software’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution.

PLM was selected as the best technology to unify and expedite product development and costing as part of Busana Apparel Group’s digital transformation effort. Busana anticipates that better product development lead times, dynamic pricing situations, and increased visibility in sample-making would help it fulfil the growing worldwide client demand. Centric is a market leader in the fashion-focused PLM industry, with a substantial bespoke client base.

Busana Apparel Group anticipates a user-friendly system that can be configured to capture real-time data directly from the source, allowing the Group to significantly reduce non-value-added tasks and focus on the core functionality of developing a high-quality product for its customers at a faster pace. Centric PLM is a Centric platform agile deployment that can be set up in a couple of weeks.