Road Is Steep To A $2-Trillion Export Target

Published: April 10, 2023

Prior FTPs placed a strong emphasis on paying exporters according to their export performance. Transferrable scrips served as the medium of payment. They could be employed to pay customs duties. There were also numerous exemption plans. The transition to remission started once the pure reward schemes were abandoned. In practise, this meant that the government would reimburse back taxes that were paid on inputs used in the production and export of goods.

Exporters meet demand on a worldwide scale. The world economy will begin to strengthen. Exporters should prioritise quality, prompt delivery, and post-sale support. The India brand won’t be developed till then.Unexpectedly, the DFIS and EPCG programmes are still promoted in an FTP. In essence, these programmes allow for the importation of inputs and capital products free of duty

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