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ATE- One Stop Solution for Technical Textiles 

Published: November 23, 2023

This time the response of most of our customers is very positive. Our customers are looking forward to the new product developments and innovations. We from ATE are providing a one-stop solution for technical textiles. Our products have applications for materials like shoes, nets, defence etc. The applications of technical textiles are endless. We at ATE cater to all the needs of the customers. There are many brands that we are representing. 

We are working with the customers at the concept stage itself. We understand what exactly the customer needs and the process of the product development and the right machines that will be needed. 

We have received many leads in this event and we look forward to working positively with our customers. 

India is evolving in technical textiles. It is becoming more and more relevant in the Indian market. All segments including highways, wind turbines, defence, medical textiles etc are growing. Nonwovens are also finding many applications in India. The whole industry is gearing up for domestic and the export market as well. 

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