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USA revives denim apparel sourcing from Mexico and China in April ’21

Published: June 24, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

Mexico and China were two countries that saw worryingly reduced sourcing last year in April by the US denim apparel buyers due to COVID-19.

Now the latest OTEXA data signals the shipment of denim clothes from these two countries to USA has consolidated.

OTEXA data, USA imported 1.85 million dozen denim apparels in Apr. ’21, noting 50.64 per cent surge from Apr. ’20.

The share of Mexico to this volume stood at 287,378 dozen – a whopping 648.34 per cent yearly jump in Apr. ’21, and China accommodated 251,458 dozen worth of denim apparels which is a massive yearly surge of 253.53 per cent.

In value-terms too, Mexico took its shipment from US $ 5.18 million in Apr. ’20 to US $ 34.71 million in Apr. ’21 – increasing by over 570 per cent.

China increased its export of the denim apparel category to US $ 20.07 million in April this year from a mere US $ 6.50 million in Apr. ’20.

It’s worth noting here that USA upped its import of the mentioned category by 64.21 per cent value-wise and the same valued US $ 184.31 million in Apr. ’21.

Despite the massive rise of Mexico and China, Bangladesh remained on top of the table with highest number of volume-wise denim apparel shipment to USA in Apr. ’21. The 2nd largest apparel exporter in the world shipped 373,693 dozen of denim clothes to USA, noting 13.71 per cent yearly increase in Apr. ’21.

Though the import of USA has increased on Y-o-Y basis in denim segment, the M-o-M figures are no less than discouraging. The country tumbled by 23.71 per cent in its value-wise import as compared to Mar. ’21, while quantities were down by 26.43 per cent.

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