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Top 10 Career Options for Professional Makeup Artists

Published: October 22, 2020

Even a decade ago, thinking that makeup application would become a full-blown career option would be considered radical. However, fast-forward to today, and it is not just commonplace, but even popular and rewarding to establish oneself as a successful makeup artist.

However, the field offers several career choices to its aspirants, as discussed below.

  • Freelance makeup artist

A freelance makeup artist gets to be their own boss and work independently in the niche they want, at the time they want, with the client they want. Working on a contractual basis, career as a makeup freelancer is one of the most flexible options out there.

  • Bridal makeup artist

If a woman is given only one day in her life to apply makeup, she will certainly choose her wedding day. After all, a bride will have thousands of pictures taken of her, and depending upon her taste, she may choose the no-makeup makeup look or go all out with a bold statement.

  • Runway makeup artist

Being a runway makeup artist is as exciting as it is stressful, at least at times. After all, this makeup greatly influences upcoming trends, and in case one is the makeup director, developing the makeup concept for a show is a whole another ballgame. Runway makeup is fresh, experimental, and seldom bland and boring.

  • Television makeup artist

This is a diverse option, wherein a makeup artist will get to work for television shows, movies, and commercials. This type of makeup mostly involves natural looks, simply bringing out the best features of the actors and working around them for an enhanced look.

  • Theatrical makeup artist

Theatrical makeup is all about story-telling, about creating an entirely different persona, if needs be or about simply enhancing the artist’s existing natural features. The main focus in theatrical makeup is to enhance the eyes in a manner that the audience sitting the farthest from the performer is able to see his/her expressions.

  • Print makeup artist

Makeup for commercials can be either editorial, communicating a theme or story, or it can be about selling brand image. Where the former demands more avant-garde styles, the latter totally depends upon the feel the garments are supposed to give off.

Celebrity makeup artist

Applying makeup on top celebrities for red carpet events gathers the most press. A celebrity makeup artist, without doubt, has the pressure to create looks that complement the client but do not overshadow their public image. After all, celebrity makeup looks greatly influence fashion and makeup trends across the world.

  • Beauty blogger or vlogger

Setting up a blog or creating daily or weekly vlogs on one’s skin-care routine, makeup regimen, is not just a great way to document one’s life, but also an educating experience for viewers. Beauty bloggers or vloggers can talk about different makeup styles, review products, provide beauty hacks, and so on.

  • Brand representative

Being a makeup brand’s representative means having the responsibility of introducing different products to customers and retail locations. These professionals need to demonstrate product use, educate on product dos and don’ts, teach essential application skills, and even help a customer find a product that perfectly matches their needs, skin tone, etc.

  • Makeup educator

Another exciting career choice for a professional makeup artist is to teach the next generation this unique art! One can do this either by taking up makeup classes, online or otherwise or by simply establishing their YouTube channel, giving people of all kinds the opportunity and knowledge to do different makeup styles by themselves.

The career options professional makeup courses in Delhi offer are endless. One such advanced and complete course is the Pearl Academy’s Fashion Media and Makeup Artist course provided in collaboration with the London College of Fashion. Via lab work, classroom lectures, research projects, and assignments, students receive a 360-degree learning experience.

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