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Orientation to textile and Fashion Students on Textiles with ATE

Published: September 12, 2020
Programme : Orientation of Fashion Designing Students in coordination with Textile Value Chain
Date : 25.08.2020
Attendee’s profile
1. Textile Value Chain – is an Indian Trade Media with monthly print magazine, e-magazine and online global information and sourcing platform.
2. Interns from Fashion Designing side from various reputed institutes like NIFT, SVT, Nirmala Niketan across India pursuing their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Fashion Designing
Aim :
1. Connect between Industry, Academia and Print Medium to bridge on the gap and arrive at a common platform
2. Brief on the current status of the Textile Industry, the challenges and opportunities ahead of all of us as a Textile/Design professional and sustainability as whole towards our long term goal
3. Demonstrate on the practicality as to how fashion and designing find applications in the industry or the machines
Details :
– The orientation/seminar was conducted by the Fabric Forming Department of the TEG and ably lead by Mr G.V Aras, Director of TEG and Mr Navin Agrawal, Business Head,  Fabric Forming Division and attended by all the members of Fabric Forming Division
– And well supported by Karl Mayer, one of the esteemed Principal of the Fabric Forming Division
– The orientation was also attended by Mr S Rajendran, Business Head of the Processing. PAC and CSG Division
– The orientation started with welcome address by Mr Navin Agrawal and Ms. Jiggna followed with Mr Aras’s briefing on the Textile overview, outlook and the future
– Suitably addressed the challenges posed by COVID-19 and the opportunities this pandemic has provided to the Indian Textile Industry
– Newer Fibres/Yarns, Smart Textiles, Sustainability and Circular Economy being the keywords to be concentrated on
– The orientation then transitioned into the presentation covered Textile Fibres/Processes in general and detailed into the Fabric Forming processes and their Finishing in brief
– The same was handled by Mr Navin Agrawal, Mr Apurva Jariwala and Mr Mark Smith and addressed well on the connect between the academia and industry
– A special mention of the Future of Textiles, by Karl Mayer, where they with the support of the A.T.E are carrying forward this concept and would look to utilise the home grown talents/professionals
– Concluded by Mr Navin Agrawal and Ms Jiggna with the vote of thanks, the orientation was quite interactive and addressed the concerns and doubts of the budding designers suitably.

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