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Ludhiana Hosiery Manufacturers Optimistic as Extreme Cold Boosts Demand for Winter Apparel

Published: January 5, 2023

Manufacturers of hosiery goods in Ludhiana, who had been anticipating a slow season, are happy that extreme cold is currently gripping the northern region. In light of the bitter cold temperatures in numerous northern regions, industry leaders said they are optimistic about a clearance of winter apparel inventories.

Retailers have noticed customers purchasing coats, sweaters, pullovers, inners, and other winter clothing items, signalling a growing demand for these items.

Since many days ago, the area has experienced bitterly cold weather, with the minimum temperature at various locations in Punjab and Haryana varying from 2 to 7 degrees.

“Due to the chilly weather in the area, shoppers have begun to arrive at retail counters to purchase winter clothing. In the upcoming days, the demand would further increase “says Duke Fashions chairman Komal Kumar Jain, who is based in Ludhiana.

Representatives of the hosiery sector claim that Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh are the states where there is the greatest demand for hosiery products.

Another manufacturer speculates that things might become better still in the days to come.

According to the manufacturer from Ludhiana, “With this demand, the existing stock of items sitting with numerous manufacturers may get cleared.”

Hosiery producers assert that the delayed winter is to blame for the continued lack of demand from other important areas like Madhya Pradesh and Bihar.

They anticipate that in the next days, demand for winter clothing will increase in retail markets in other states as well.

According to Navin Sood, a hosiery goods maker based in Ludhiana, “the overall hosiery season remained slack, but the current chill in the weather would allow manufacturers to clear their winter apparel supplies.”

“How much the current cold weather conditions affected the demand for hosiery goods will be evident in the first week of January,” according to Sood.

Winter clothing such coats, sweaters, thermals, cardigans, pullovers, inners, shawls, etc. are well known from the hosiery district of Ludhiana. The hosiery industry, however, saw decreased garment sales in the current season and did not receive any repeat orders for winter apparel as a result of the delayed onset of winter.

Early in December, the sector had already begun to offer discounts to boost sales. Discounts are otherwise only available during the final week of December or the first week of January.

One of the oldest clusters in the nation, the hosiery industry in Ludhiana, considers the months of October, November, and December to be crucial.

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