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Lavie Luxe launches Mona Box Satchel Collection : Turn Every Walk into a Fashion Statement

Published: January 22, 2024

India, January 22nd 2024: Lavie Luxe, the benchmark of opulent style and meticulous craftsmanship, proudly introduces the Mona Box Satchel Collection. This assortment of handbags transcends mere accessories; it’s a statement of refined taste and unparalleled luxury, offering an array of captivating colors and sizes to suit every discerning taste.

The Mona Box Satchel Collection beckons fashion enthusiasts into a world of captivating colors curated to complement diverse tastes and styles. From the timeless allure of Black to the understated elegance of Off White, the collection extends into the chic Lilac and the cozy Pink, allowing every woman to express her individuality.

Each shade is more than a hue; it’s a statement. Lavie Luxe invites you to explore the emotional depth of each color, intertwining personal style with the luxury that defines the brand. The Mona Box Satchel Collection ensures that every step is a stride in sophistication, with a handbag that resonates with your mood and personality.

The collection also acknowledges the diverse needs of the modern woman, offering a range of sizes to seamlessly transition from day to night, from casual outings to formal affairs.

1. Mona Satchel – Extra Large

This handbag exudes grandeur, offering generous space for your essentials without sacrificing style. Its extra-large design enhances your overall look, ensuring you make a statement wherever you go.

Price: INR 8,999

Product Link-

Colour Variants- Black, White, Pink

2. Mona Satchel – Large

This handbag blends luxury with functionality, offering a spacious compartment and internal organizer for meticulous arrangement. It also effortlessly complements your elegance, ensuring you stand out with ease.

Price: INR 7,999

Product Link-

Colour Variants- Black, White, Pink, Lilac

3. Mona Satchel – Medium

This handbag is designed for those who step into opulence daily. This medium-sized piece seamlessly integrates fashion and function.

Price: INR 6,999

Product Link-

Colour Variants- Off White, Black, Lilac, Pink

4. Mona Satchel – Extra Small

This handbag embodies versatility in a form suitable for any occasion. It is perfect for travel and leisurely strolls with its secure back zip and long shoulder strap which define grace in every aspect.

Price: INR 5,999

Product Link-

Colour Variants- Off White, Black, Lilac, Pink

One can purchase any of these beautiful satchels from the official website of

About Lavie Luxe: 

Lavie Luxe, the “premium” extension for Lavie is designed for indulgent experiences. It is a premium category launched with the most luxurious assortment of handbags, much more premium than the existing assortments of handbags at Lavie.  The Luxe collection has been inspired by the Ateliers of Europe, combining fine art with contemporary styling. This sub-category is influential, innovative, and progressive, taking pride in introducing the latest international trends in the world of fashion through meticulously designed luxury accessories for women. Featuring ultra-luxurious, classic pieces that stay true to Lavie’s sophisticated tastes, the style house is known to elevate the lifestyles of women and create an enduring luxury lifestyle experience. We target women from diverse backgrounds, ages and industries who only accept the finest quality, have an eye for detail, love tech-enabled accessories and are exposed to different brands from all over the world. These women are highly ambitious and love to travel.

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