Published: April 5, 2023

There are predominantly 7 dressing styles which include – Classic, Relaxed, Dramatic, Creative, Rebellious, Feminine and Elegant Chic. Every body falls into one or a mix of more than one style. Style can be affected due to environment, life, culture, phase and a lot of other areas. But there are simpler ways to understand one’s style. These include website, articles and apps that produce data on the basis of your liking of color, prints, shape and more. 


“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”- Rachel Zoe, an American fashion designer, author and businessman turned into a prominent celebrity wardrobe stylist. It’s a way an individual expresses themselves through their clothing, hair style and accessories put together. It helps you feel good and showcase yourself more then hide your real self. And in the process, you save money and environment as well.

Style is timeless, and doesn’t mean you have to follow trends. But to know your style, sometimes you need help. And as their apps for everything now; one has access to websites, articles and apps to help you through it as well. It helps you know which clothes make you happy (one of the prominent reasons people choose clothing), and which ones are your favorite clothing. And also help you know why they make you feel good. In the end notice what they have in common. 

Other ways to find your style are inspirations taken by apps like Pinterest, Instagram and lot more. More style focused websites and apps are Dress-Me App and Stich Fix. One can also use magazines for the same. 

Few more things that describe your style is one’s lifestyle. Like how much time you spend in college, office, school or parties etc.

Fig 1. Different Lifestyles

Material and Methodology

Materials needed: –

  1. Clothes from one’s own wardrobe
  2. Internet for apps like Instagram
  3. Web for opening websites or articles for the same.
  4. A book or a copy with a pen 
  5. Stitching tools if one knows stitching

Methodology would require piling up your clothes into three piles: –

  1. No pile
  2. Yes Pile 
  3. May be Pile 

No pile – Clothes which you will never wear and are torn or unfixable. 

Yes pile – Clothes which you wear and use on a daily basis and have potential to be worn in future too.

May be pile – a pile which has clothes you are not sure of but have a potential to be used after alterations. 

After deciding which cloth goes in which pile, now one has to use it discreetly. The no pile clothes can be used as rug or be given into charity. Yes pile need to be created into capsules of lowers and uppers with accessories and stuff into one.  And may be pile will be given to tailor or can be dyed or cropped or used for various other projects. 

All these helps in shopping your own wardrobe and auditing it for a better personal style. 

Result and Discussions

Styling is easy with websites, apps and articles which gives quizzes to find out your personal style. And one can utilize this information to shop and style oneself better. 

It will in the end make one happier and more constructible. 

Summary and Conclusion

One should know their personal style before shopping and stepping out of their home. Style can lead to better productivity and also make one a conscious buyer. Less wastage is possible with knowing more about your and other people’s style


By:Ragini Gupta, Student, Masters In Science (Textile Science and Apparel Design),SNDT Women’s University

Co-Author- Nikhila Rane, Assisstant Professor,Dept of Textile Science and Apparel Design, SNDT Women’s University

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