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Interloop’s Vision 2025 goal is to become the preferred full-family clothing partner by 2025

Published: August 11, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali
Interloop has ambitious plans for its five-year strategy.
The second-largest garment and textile exporter in Pakistan has formed its 2025 promise, driven by a single multi-category strategy, despite worldwide growth notwithstanding pandemic constraints.
The strategy is already in motion, with all executives and sales teams completely dedicated to meeting the goal of serving all ages, genders, and abilities in their established goods, which include denim, seamless knits, cut and sew knits, and hosiery, the category where it all began 30 years ago.
Interloop plans to double its total sales to $700 million by 2026. The company is investing $300 million to expand its production capacity and capture pent-up responsible apparel demand. Interloop has set science-based targets for 2026: reducing greenhouse gas emissions 25 percent, reducing freshwater consumption 25 percent and diverting 100 percent of waste. Interloop will use AI-based data analytics to aid in decision making, and has integrated an enterprise resource platform (ERP) to deliver more real-time data transparency to its brands. The company’s continued commitment to responsible manufacturing, alongside the path to build a unified multi-category team strategy and the implementation of value-added services, further drives its digital transformation.

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