Fashion is an ongoing changing process which in regular cycles brings new trends into practically any human activity; from medicine to music .
In an age defined by technology the power of fashion bloggers in the millennial era has had a lasting influence on consumers, facilitated by the rapid growth of social media and new technologies.Currently, the largest segment of the blogosphere consists of fashion blogs, meaning the blogs that focus on fashion brands, current trends, fashion, beauty and lifestyle products, e-commerce, street style, and personal style.Fashion blogging is an international subculture that consists primarily of young women who post photographs of themselves and the products they own, post comments on clothes, accessories and fashion-related products, and use various techniques to promote themselves and their blogs.
In an age defined by technology the power of fashion bloggers in the millennial era has had a lasting influence on consumers, facilitated by the rapid growth of social media and new technologies social media mid-millennial helped fashion bloggers diffuse their style or opinions through the marketplace much faster because the spread of information was ‘instantaneous’ which led to a decline in traditional blog-based bloggers who had made the transition over to visual blogging on Instagram. The transition to Instagram was in part influenced by the way that consumers now approached trends and was a smart move for the most part with the large majority of consumers admitting to using Instagram as a shopping feed curated by a list of their favourite bloggers. The divide between Instagram and blog based blogs had a direct impact on the way they influenced consumers and it was evident that the two were attracting two completely different audiences. On one hand Instagram bloggers role was to purely provide a visual look at trends that consumers should be directly following and then on the other hand blog-based blogs were more reliable because their content was a direct expose on the ins and outs of a particular brand.But yes we have bloggers who do both.Yes you already know some of them and if not let me take you there.
  1. Santoshi Shetty – Blog –
  2. Instagram – Shetty is an architecture student, who has carved a niche for herself in the world of fashion blogging. She is a content creator who writes about fashion, travel, spaces and the Universe in her personal blog.
The founder of THE STYLEDGE, Santoshi loves to play with trends, colours, patterns and textures. She has over 713k followers on Instagram and is a renowned fashion influencer. Her work has been recognised as she’s won various awards and accolades for the same. Her aspirational yet relatable posts make her one of the most influential voices in the Indian blogosphere and yes also on social media platforms – Instagram. Santoshi can be considered as an Instagram blogger and Blogs based blogger.
Santoshi has always been inspiring alot of youth out there by her phenomenal fashion styling and her blogs and pictures do the complete justice to her mindset on a particular look. But lets not forget about the Crazy Makeup looks that Santoshi has been creating is been duplicated by a wide range of audience too! This is the strong impact of a Blogger towards her audience. Santoshi has successfully grabbed the viewers attention and the viewers always wait for her crazy moves.
  1. Kritika Khurana

Blog –


Internet sensation who first became known for her fashion and lifestyle blog That Boho Girl. She has earned more than 830k followers on her Instagram account, where she shares pictures of her style and trends as well as her travel adventures with her followers.Kritika Khurana is yet another example of being Instagram blogger and Blogs based blogger. She started her self-titled YouTube channel in 2016, where she has amassed more than 250,000 subscribers with her beauty and lifestyle videos. She has modeled for Pantene India.
Kritika is known for slaying her boho outfits and alot of fashion followers are crazy behind adapting to her styling tips. She can be considered as a specialist as to pairing the best silver oxidised jewelleries from saree to a common t shirt too. This blogger has come up a long way and truly is an inspiration for many women out there. “Love yourself”

Komal Pandey.


This diva is a personal style blogger who founded the brand The College Couture. Her TCC Instagram account has accrued more than 650,000 followers.She started out by publishing a #LookOfTheDay post everyday on Instagram and Facebook while she was in college.She was hired by POPxo to be an actress and fashion and comedy video coordinator in November of 2015.
Komal pandey has a great sense of style and has the vision towards experimentation of new trends and silhouettes ! The variation in her styling of lingerie as inner wear to outerwear or her importance towards this taste has made her stand out. A lot of people see her and truly get the confidence it throwing up the bold yet elegant look !
Creating an inter-relationship between ‘trend setting’ and directly ‘persuading’ consumers to buy their clothes the influence of fashion bloggers on consumers is increasingly prevalent in modern culture. Self-described as the new ‘opium of the masses’ fashion blogs are ‘innovative’ and ‘reliable’ with EWOM (E- Word Of Mouth) an attractive prospect that fashion bloggers offer in their roles as digital influencers to consumers. Consumers cite fashion bloggers as more reliable than traditional marketers because they have the ‘power to make or break a brand’ and are independent super-powers detached from any institutional organizations.Fashion Bloggers like Santoshi Shetty,Kritika Khurana and Komal Pandey has truly raised the bar of fashion to the next level where in the fashion followers meaning the consumers scroll their Instagram posts most often to style them self up for a particular occasions.Instagram Explores are been flooded with alot of Bloggers out there and yes ofcourse the followers ! Everyone wants to be a diva and why not ?! But lets Thank the Fashion Bloggers from dragging us to the latest trends and keeping us always updated about the styles and yes of course their valuable tips and suggestions which helps the Fashion follower to complete their look and wardrobe. Fashion Bloggers have truly created a great impact in the World of Fashion.
Authored by-
Ms. Sukanya Kandarkar
Intern FVC – TVC