DyeMate, all the new shades of indigo

Published: April 12, 2023

DyeMate is the new Tonello, patent-pending technology that revolutionizes and reinterprets the traditional  indigo garment dyeing process, taking it to a new evolutionary stage and making it automatic and  repeatable, efficient and sustainable. 

The tradition of indigo dyeing dates back to ancient times and was cultivated mainly in Egypt, India and  China, where the deep blue obtained was considered a precious symbol of beauty, nobility and prestige.  The same shade of blue also has always characterized the unmistakable “look” of the fascinating Tuareg,  the free men of the Sahara. 

That tradition has come down to us virtually unchanged: in fact, the process of indigo garment dyeing has  been entirely manual up to the present day, with results that have always been uneven and dependent on  the skill of artisans who have passed on their knowledge and skills from generation to generation, resulting  in a priceless cultural legacy embodied in unique pieces characterized by an inimitable style. 

DyeMate, technology at the service of beauty 

Why is DyeMate an important new revolution by Tonello? 

Because it recovers and reinvents tradition with a process carried out in a nitrogen atmosphere, without  oxygen, with controlled reduction and oxidation. 

Thus, this new indigo garment dyeing system allows for absolutely cool results that perfectly overlap, in  terms of charm, perceived authenticity and “aesthetic flavor,” with those of denim, which fades and in fact  becomes vintage with the passage of time. 

DyeMate, in short, does not merely imitate and industrialize traditional indigo dyeing; instead, it takes it to a  new and higher level, safeguarding its cultural heritage and allowing this timeless art to live on in the  contemporary world. 

DyeMate, the advantages 

High reproducibility and productivity of the process, fully automated 

Maximum sustainability because DyeMate works at low temperatures and dramatically lowers the use  of reducing chemicals 

Possibility of also making sulfur and VAT dyes with the same technology 

DyeMate is an external kit: it is therefore easily applicable to all Tonello washing and dyeing machines 

DyeMate would not have been possible without the precious support of Archroma, who provided Denisol  Pure Indigo 30 liq, an aniline-free indigo solution, Artistic Milliners, for believing in the project early on, being  its first mover, and to Franky Vangaever of Responsible-ti, who provided his valuable know-how.

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