A renowned textile designer joins Fine Cotton Factory’s team in support of renewed efforts to serve the North American apparel market.

Published: April 29, 2023

Nathalie Camier, a skilled textile designer from Paris, has been appointed to head creative direction and product development for garment fabrics by Fine Cotton Factory, a textile producer specialising in high-tech, high-fashion textiles and eco-friendly knits for the North American market.

Camier’s goal is to take the business, long known for its strengths in basic materials like fleece and jersey, into more sophisticated constructions for better sportswear manufacturers. Camier has a specialisation in jacquards and knitwear.

Camier brings more than 30 years of expertise to the position. She is a graduate of the Esmod design school in France and most recently served as lead designer for Tricots Liesse in Montreal, where she was praised for her originality in coming up with new designs. She started working as a designer at Stylists Information Services in Paris. Earlier, in Paris, she designed children’s wear for Chrono 7. She has experience making models for SIEM, and at Roger Chamla Holding SARL, she was in charge of the knitwear and print collections.With an emphasis on jacquards and fine-cut jerseys, Camier has already added more than 50 new styles of fabrics to Fine Cotton’s portfolio. “Fine Cotton Factory has a rich tradition in innovation, so to be given creative licence to conceptualise specialty fabrics for them is an exciting opportunity,” Camier said.

She is currently working with transparent designs like lace as part of her research and development process. Every day, she continued, “we are pushing the limits of what can be accomplished on these machines.” “Creating transparency is a key fashion direction right now,” in the summer.

According to Patel, “Nathalie studies the fashion industry with a keen eye and has an uncanny instinct for foreseeing where the market is headed.” There is no doubt that her understanding of the business, enthusiasm for design, and skill give us a significant competitive advantage and enable us to move fast on private label projects and exclusive packages for retailers and apparel manufacturers interested in domestic production.

Leading clothing brands and producers in Canada and the United States are served by Fine Cotton Factory, which has its headquarters in Toronto. Every major collection that the company releases twice a year is shown to buyers inside its 5,000 square foot showroom, which also includes a sample room, design studio, and future lab that will be located next to the factory.

“When we decided to go back to our origins inWe made significant equipment investments in the North American apparel industry, according to Biren Patel, president and co-founder of Fine Cotton Factory. But we were aware that in order to fully stand out from the competition, we would need a designer who was not hesitant to try new things.

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