7 Exercises and Health Techniques to Adopt For Seniors

Published: December 28, 2021

Exercise is vital for everyone; however, seniors must keep them active and healthy. Keeping fit
has many benefits as it boosts your energy, strength and improves balance. Exercising will also
help relieve stress, lower the risk of osteoporosis, heart disease, and diabetes.

But as important as exercising is, not all workouts are ideal for seniors. Some exercises, such as
swimming, lifting weight, long runs, etc., are overwhelming and expose elderly persons to
injuries. So, it helps to know which exercises suit you best.

Here’s a rundown of 7 essential exercises and healthy techniques perfect for aging adults:


Walking is among the best cardio exercises for seniors. Apart from improving your fitness,
taking a walk each day can lower your risk of getting a stroke, diabetes, or heart disease as it
lowers blood pressure. It also strengthens your bones, reducing the risk of osteoarthritis and
osteoporosis. Another reason is to love walking is that it allows you to exercise while in adult diapers without anyone noticing. Of course, you have to get the best adult diapers with good absorbency. Just makes sure to use thinner ones that are less bulky and apply vaseline to reduce chaffing for comfortable walks. Also, drink plenty of water during the walks and get plenty of rest after walking for long-distance to help the body recover from exhaustion.

Stretching enhances your mobility and strength. You can improve balance by performing
stretches that target your hips, legs, and shoulders. Besides, extension is easy for seniors who
can’t move out of bed or chair. Doing a couple of stretches a day can improve your posture. But
do them gently to avoid possible injuries.

Dumbbell Exercises:
Dumbell exercises are an excellent way for seniors to rebuild their muscles and boost their
strength. These exercises strengthen your bones, connective tissues, and muscles. However,
have a medical checkup first, then start low with lighter dumbbells to minimize muscle injuries.


Cycling is also an excellent cardio exercise for seniors. It engages the larger muscles like
hamstrings and quadriceps, enhancing blood flow and ultimately reducing the risk of getting
blood pressure. This exercise is especially beneficial for seniors experiencing muscle or joint pains. Besides, you don't have to bear with outdoor conditions as a stationary bike works fine. You can make the exercise even more fun by having a cycling partner.
Yoga is among the most straightforward exercises for seniors that help increase their strength
and flexibility. By strengthening bones, yoga can help combat the risk of osteoporosis.The exercise uses meditation, breathing, and posing techniques that are good for your physical and mental health. Yoga poses works on your muscles, improving your strength, flexibility, and balance. The slow deep breaths and slow movements boost blood flow induce relaxation that can heal depression, chronic stress, and anxiety. Furthermore, yoga practices will help improve sleep issues like insomnia. Plus, yoga is safe for seniors since it doesn't expose them to injuries, unlike most exercises.

As awkward as it might sound, dancing is among the best exercises for seniors. Dancing can help you stay healthy and fit, avoiding health problems that result from weight gain. Seniors at risk of chronic stress can benefit from dancing since it lowers stress levels. It also boosts energy levels and makes your bones stronger, improving your posture, among other benefits. You can join a dancing class for seniors, or practice it in your house with some help. Squats Squats are among the best leg exercises for elderly persons since they help seniors increase muscle mass in their legs. Your muscles, ligaments, and tendons become less elastic as you age. Doing squats can help make these three body parts elastic. Squats are also a great way to burn calories, reducing weight gain.

It’s important to keep the right posture when doing squats. Ensure your toes point forward and
keep your feet hip-distance apart. With your body leaning slightly forward, engage your
abdominals and bend your knees like you are sitting down. Repeat the steps up to 10 times,
and increase the number with time. Remember to hold on to a wall or table if you find it hard
to balance.
As you age, what better way to maintain your energy and strength than to follow a healthy
lifestyle and add exercises to your routine. Don’t get stuck on your bed or couch; get out and do
simple exercise, and you’ll see you comfortable you’ll age. These top 7 exercises are crucial for seniors to keep fit and healthy. However, there are many other effective exercises for seniors besides these seven exercises. No matter the exercise you choose, ensure you go easy on your body, especially as you start a fitness program. I hope that this article provided some cool new workout ideas for you or your seniors.

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