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Fashion trucks!

Published: September 4, 2020
Author: SAA-C02 PDF Dumps

What is a Fashion Truck?

Fashion trucks are basically moving on wheels boutiques that have the option to travel from one location to another, opening their business on wheels and selling to customers!

Where do they come from?

Food trucks have been around since the 1970s when taco trucks began making the rounds in New York City,USA. People have always loved them as they are food & trucks. Well, wouldn’t we love them!

We all in the last few months have witnessed the most never-thought-of alterations in our daily lives. While we are still trying to accept the new normal in every way but there is one way wherein consuming and behaving, entrepreneurs and industry are trying best to get economic status back in line, because well, we all know how low right now we’re Financial.

Also, remembering that necessity is the need for innovation. 

A new shopping concept has been recently gaining attention in India. We all have seen food trucks that serve meals on the go. However, how often have we seen moving apparel showrooms on wheels? or Rather say shop on wheels.

Yes,  Shop on Wheels has lately captured the fancy of Indian vendors who are taking a truck around the upscale locations in major cities to make sales.

The buzz also begins after a user shared the picture of a brand’s ( Pepe Jeans ) ‘moving showroom’ on Twitter. Amit Thadhani posted a photo of a well-lit store mounted on the back of a truck at a residential complex in the suburb Mumbai, Chembur.

“Shops are coming to our society now!” he wrote.

A bit of history. 

It all began when the U.S., Levi’s rolled up and started on wheel stores, starting the experiment in the trade-in June this year. This concept established its foot earliest in Delhi and Gurguram.

Since many potential customers are still in weary of stepping out and buy anything due to the Virus, retailers have got a solution which is they’re starting new means to cater to their customers. Even after the unlock phase, there are and obviously will be people who are skeptical about visiting brick and mortar stores. India’s top retailers, from Puma to Forever New, are putting all the efforts in bringing the store to the Customer at potential residential localities in top metropolitan cities.

Let’s all be safe and shop!



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