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Culture appreciation through Fashion

Published: August 5, 2020

Even if tik-tok is banned in India we cannot sweep this news under the rug as this is considered one of the viral challenges going on for cultural appreciation. Tik-tok and instagram has become a great platform for people to share their thoughts and celebrate who they are. Milan Mathew, model and tik-toker based on Houstan made the whole tik-tok community to go creative to represent their culture and community. We all love to dress up and if you are brown girl you know how hard it is to pull up a look with all the clothes, jewellery and make-up. It might take a ton of time to get that perfect look but at the end it will all be worth it. People representing culture through social media has been happening widely but the ‘hot seat challenge’ created by Milan Mathew went viral. There are various influencers who also work towards representation and we can also see people using the hashtag #culture is growing day by day.

After the ‘hot seat challenge’ of Milan Mathew went viral and people started asking her about how she made the video, she also did a video on how she made the video. More and more people started following this hot seat challenge to represent their cultural representaion. Milan in an interview stated that she went on a full brown girl mode owning what she wore. And we can believe her by the bedazzled posts in her instagram. She has a following of around 31.2k in instagram. Her profile is filled with her owning her brown culture through various videos and photos. Milan has modeled for brands like Fiercly Bird, A&M designer studios and more.

In this post I am also giving you few of my favorite Indian instgrammers in India and all over the world to scroll through for your daily dosage of brown girl inspirations.

  1. Hamel Patel:

Check out for her DESITHETICS and her vibrant make up with the Indian outfits. Her recreation of Disney princesses in Desi style went viral in Instagram.

  1. Sruthi Jayadevan:

Showcasing her Indian heritage through clothes, she is sure a must watch.

  1. Gabrella sellus:

She is full vibe brown girl showcasing her talent through her acting skills. Her instagram is sure filled with her appreciating her Indian culture.

  1. Priya Sidhu:

This Toronto based Indian girl sure has some aesthetic wonders going on in her instagram page

  1. Navi Brar:

Her bollywood dance sure is a show stopper in her instagram feed. Check her Indian attire elegantly matched with her jewllery and makeup.

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