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Published: July 5, 2022

The Chinese government plans to support 200 demonstration smart manufacturing factories in a variety of sectors like textiles, apparel, home appliances, consumer electronics, food, and medicine. It also aspires to develop 50 demonstration cities that will help accomplish notable digitalisation progress, product variety, quality, and branding.

The smart manufacturing is part of a new roadmap unveiled by China to accelerate the digitalisation of the consumer goods industry in a move to support the assimilation of the digital and real economies. The action plan, which was jointly released by five government departments, including the ministry of industry and information technology, is expected to be achieved by 2025, as per a government press release. It involves ensuring that the proportion of consumer goods companies with digitalised management and operations surpass 80 per cent.

The plan outlines 10 tasks for improving product variety and quality and building brands, such as creating ‘internet-plus-consumer products’ that better people’s well-being, endorsing personalised and flexible production to redesign product development and production modes, and expediting the formation of a quality tracking system, according to Chinese media reports.

The application and integration of various digital technologies would facilitate consumer goods supply, expand industrial chains, boost the industry’s added value, and inspire enterprises to enhance digital innovation in research and development as well as their core competitiveness.

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