Feel Fresh in the Hygenic Worldof Fashion

Published: January 22, 2022

Growing emphasis on hygiene and wellness in the world of fashion

Health, Hygiene, and Wellness have now become the topmost priority for most consumers in the purchases they make. The same trend has been seen in the world of fashion wherein consumers are seeking apparel with inherent functional benefits that enhance their wellness. Over the last couple of years, wellness apart from being a lifestyle choice has also become an influential trend in global fashion.

Antimicrobial fabrics are in demand because they are effective in improving the consumer experience. This has been key to clothing that is wearable and comfortable, at the same time fashionable and functional.

The Research & Development (R&D) Department at Reliance Industries Ltd. (RIL) constantly strives to innovate and develop new technologies and products that enhance end consumers’ experience and satisfaction. The various R|Elan™ technologies developed by RIL’s R&D Department have imparted performance enhancement, wellness features to the products, and these are trend-setters in the fashion industry. R|Elan™ FeelFresh fabric is the outcome of one of such innovations.

FeelFresh, the next-generation wellness fabric with permanent antimicrobial properties is used to manufacture apparel across different categories, masks, and PPE. R|Elan™ FeelFresh is also a preferred choice for manufacturing environment-friendly apparel as it constrains manifestation of bad odor. This is due to the inherent antimicrobial property in R|Elan™ feeling fresh, even after extended usage of the garment thereby, reducing the need for frequent washing – saving water, electricity, energy, and time besides extending the life and look of the garment.

FeelFresh fabric has been created from specially-engineered fibers and yarns with embedded silver that inhibits bacterial growth in the garment thus reducing bad odor generated from body sweat. Since this technology is inherent in the fiber, the functional benefits continue to remain even after multiple garment washes. This smart fabric has been designed to enhance comfort and aesthetics making it one of the most sought-after fabrics by renowned domestic and global brands, retailers, and apparel manufacturers.

R|Elan™ FeelFresh – Versatile solution used by brands and retailers across different fashion categories

Over the last few years, various brands have incorporated R|Elan™ FeelFresh fabric highlighting the fact that garments made from this performance fabric help consumers in improving their wellness and hygiene. Thus, stylish yet high-performance apparel and accessories for consumers are possible with R|Elan™ FeelFresh fabric’s antimicrobial technology.

R|Elan™ FeelFresh fabric provides brands with inherent anti-microbial technology to power different apparel fashion segments like denim, activewear, casual wear, athleisure, sportswear, formalwear, innerwear, etc. It also enables brands to address the emerging needs of consumers in the wellness and hygiene segments.

As a new product innovation, R|Elan™ FeelFresh fabric technology can also be made available in recycled fibers that are manufactured using 100% post-consumer used PET bottles.

Consumers today want to stay fresh and active apart from looking stylish and fashionable. Now, garments made with R|Elan™ FeelFresh fabric make all this possible for consumers over a long period.  R|Elan™ is Fabric 2.0 – the fabric of the future.

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