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50 years in an info-graph

Published: January 10, 2022

On the occasion of the 50 years of our independence as a nation, BGMEA published a special edition of the ‘Apparel Story’ in December. To capture and commemorate the journey of our economy and the RMG industry, we created an info-graph for this special edition. The info-graph features the economic progress of the country so far, as well as the journey of the RMG industry. I am glad to share with you the info-graph in the attachment.
The 50 years journey tells an impressive story of an indomitable nation. From the language movement till the war of liberation, and economic emancipation over the past 50 years, the nation has excelled in all circumstances. Despite the challenges and limitations, we were able to consistently maintain a GDP growth of over 7 % in the last few years (till the year before COVID). From a war-ravaged economy, Bangladesh is now one of the fastest-growing economies in South Asia, and we have already become 38th largest economy in the world in terms of GDP. In the past few decades our economy has taken a turn from agriculture to industry, and aid to trade, significantly propelled by the RMG industry, which has helped alleviate poverty by creating jobs for millions of unskilled people, especially women. We have graduated from LDC to a developing country, and our achievement of MDGs was internationally acclaimed. The committed efforts of the present government in the last 12 years have put Bangladesh on track in pursuing SDGs by 2030.
I hope that you will find the info-graph interesting and a useful reference. You may find it worth incorporating in your corporate presentations and even may mention it in your business meeting and in other occasions. We should take pride to share the impressive story of how the nation has risen from the ashes. This is also a critical element to brand Bangladesh, which is a key to remodeling our industry from volume to value, as we are preparing to gear ourselves up to the next phase of growth.

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