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Oerlikon Barmag WINGS HD Comes With Extended Parking Time And Great Efficiency

Published: February 17, 2023

Since 2018, Oerlikon Barmag has provided the only idea on the market that uses the POY and DTY technology for high-end home textile applications. High-titer yarns are produced with the utmost machine efficiency using the spinning idea with the WINGS HD winding unit in combination with an automatic eAFK Big V Multispindle texturing machine.

Stephan Faulstich, POY Process Technology Manager, states that “We have consequently adjusted WINGS HD to once again better align the higher requirements of these special yarns to the spinning process and make everyday production even simpler for our clients.” While winding high titers, the parking times are really brief. For the new WINGS HD models, we have upped the parking times by a factor of three. Due to this, For example, the parking time for a 300d/384f yarn has been increased from 6.5 minutes to 15.7 minutes, and for a 400d/192f yarn, it has been increased from 4.3 minutes to 10.3 minutes. This evens out the doffing process, which raises doffing dependability.

Also, because of the draw unit’s new, more adaptable design, two-godet operation is now also feasible for goods with low overall titers. The energy usage of the winding unit benefits from this.

WINGS HD: Exceptional functionality and efficiency

With WINGS HD 1800, 12 POY packages of up to 600d/576f (final) are created during the spinning process. An additional godet makes this possible by guaranteeing that the high The method reduces yarn tensions that may otherwise arise to those that are typical of winding processes up to this point. In addition, the newly developed suction unit with the accompanying yarn cutting mechanism (yarn collection system) guarantees reliable handling of the yarn with an overall titer of 7,200 den both during string-up and in the case of a yarn break (final).The concept’s key advantage is that high titers may now be produced directly using the WINGS HD take-up machine, whereas DTY yarns up to 1,200 den and with up to 784 filaments were previously typically plied from four POY 300d/192f bobbins using DTY machines. Also, coupling the eAFK Big V with the WINGS HD is great since it When texturing, every winding position that is possible will be used.

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