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Registration Open For World Of Wipes International Conference 2023.

Published: February 16, 2023

Exports decreased by 7.5% to $25.35 billion, and non-petroleum and non-jewellery imports fell by 3.8% to $33.56 billion in January, both of which were affected by a slowdown in industrial activity.

The government announced corrected inverted duty for a number of sectors, including toys, mobile phone parts, and bicycles, in the Union Budget earlier this month to support domestic manufacturing in light of India’s exports and current account balance being negatively impacted by a lack of external demand. (GI) items, khadi, and coir.

India’s current account deficit increased to a nine year high of 4.4% of GDP in the second quarter on account of greater trade imbalance, indicating the impact of declining global demand on exports.

The nation’s CAD for the first six months of the current fiscal year was 3.3% of GDP. Lightning Talks will be a feature of WOW 2023 on February 18 and 19. Five minute “supersized elevator presentations” will be given by tabletop exhibitors. During the event, participants will have the chance to follow up with tabletop exhibitors.

WOW 2023 begins with the WIPES Academy, July 17-18, led by Heidi Beatty, Chief Executive Officer, and her team of wipes specialists from Crown Abbey LLC. Participants will learn about the development of products all the way to commercialization. Participants will also gain knowledge of how materials, design, production, packaging, and costs affect applications for commercial, institutional, and consumer wipes.


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