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Cotton Market Bulletin – 24th January 2023

Published: January 24, 2023
Yarn Prices as on 24th January 2023: Prices FOB / Kg Indian Port
  LC at Sight:
Ne 20/1 Carded Hosiery Yarn USD 2.91  /  INR 241.00
Ne 20/1 Combed Hosiery Yarn USD 3.03  /  INR 251.00
Ne 21/1 Carded Weaving Yarn USD 2.91  /  INR 241.00
Ne 26/1 Combed Hosiery Yarn USD 3.11  /  INR 257.00
Ne 30/1 Carded Hosiery Yarn USD 3.07  /  INR 254.00
Ne 30/1 Combed Hosiery Yarn USD 3.19  /  INR 264.00
Ne 32/1 Carded Weaving Yarn USD 3.15  /  INR 261.00
Ne 34/1 Combed Hosiery Yarn USD 3.40  /  INR 281.00
Ne 40/1 Combed Hosiery Yarn USD 3.64  /  INR 301.00
Ne 40/1 Carded Weaving Yarn USD 3.34  /  INR 276.00
Ne 30/2 Carded Hosiery Yarn USD 3.34  /  INR 276.00
Ne 32/2 Combed Knitting Yarn USD 3.76  /  INR 311.00
Ne 32/2 Carded Hosiery Yarn USD 3.40  /  INR 281.00
Ne 40/2 Combed Hosiery Yarn USD 4.18  /  INR 346.00
Ne 30/1 Combed Compact Weaving Yarn USD 3.40  /  INR 281.00
Ne 40/1 Combed Compact Weaving Yarn USD 3.82  /  INR 316.00
Ne 50/1 Combed Compact Weaving Yarn USD 4.16  /  INR 344.00
Ne 16/1 Open End Yarn USD 2.28  /  INR 189.00
Ne 21/1 Open End Yarn USD 2.47  /  INR 204.00
Ne 24/1 Open End Yarn USD 2.77  /   INR 229.00

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• This evening, the rupee closed at a level of 81.65 against the dollar with a weakness of 35 paise.

Sensex falls, closes down 230 points

Today the stock market closed with a fall.

Today, where the Sensex closed at a level of 61750.60 points with a fall of about 230.12 points.

On the other hand, the Nifty closed at a level of 18343.90 points with a fall of 65.80 points.

• Climate change is predicted to reduce maize and cotton yield in Punjab by 13 per cent and 11 per cent by 2050, according to a new study conducted by agriculture economists and scientists at Punjab Agricultural University (PAU).

• North India’s cotton yarn market continues to witness a sluggish trend this week as cotton yarn buying remains rangebound. Limited demand led to a stable trend in cotton yarn prices.

• GUNTUR: Around 30 farmers from Lingapuram village in Guntur district, staged a protest on Monday in front of the house of a cotton trader in Adilabad town, alleging that he neither paid them interest nor refunded `6 crore they loaned him.

North Zone:

Cotton traded easy tone across major spot market of north India on Tuesday. Prices were quoted down to 40-50 / maund yesterday evening. Today weather clear. New crop – cotton traded at ready delivery – In Punjab,  Rs 6,200-6,300 a maund. In Haryana, it offered at Rs 6,150-6,300 a maund. while in Upper Rajasthan, quoted readty delivery at Rs 6,350-6,400 a maund.

Central Zone:

Cotton spot prices easy tone across west India market on Tuesday. Sankar-6, new crop 29 mm (RD-75 & MIC-3.8), in Gujarat traded at Rs 61,000-61,500 a candy and 28.5mm (RD-74) quoted at Rs.60,000-60,500 a candy. V-797 trade at Rs 45,000-46,000 (12-15% trash condition) a candy for February / March delivery. While in Maharashtra, new crop good grade cotton (29mm) quoted at Rs 60,500-61,000 a candy.

South Zone:

Cotton spot price was easy tone across the major trading centers of south India.

US Cotton Futures :

Cotton Close Off Daily Highs, But Still In The Black: Nearby cotton futures saw their highest print since December 21st on Monday. Futures backed off the close, but were still 69 to 97 points higher at the bell. The Seam reported 22,096 bales were sold at spot on 1/20 for an average gross price of 80.96 cents. The Cotlook A Index was 150 points lower to 99.10 cents for 1/20. The AWP for cotton was 225 points lower to 72.43 cents. ICE Certified Stocks were 8,900 bales as of 1/18.

Mar 23 Cotton  closed at 87.39, up 69 points,

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