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An ink of Rs.7.12 L Crore MoUs BY Foreign Investors

Published: February 8, 2023

The foreign investors have signed 108 MoUs worth Rs.7.12 lakh crore. Sectors of Data centres, logistic park, renewable energy, apparels and textiles amd the film city have seen an investment of foreigners.

The data center has the highest number of investors followed by the Logistics department . The logistics department has also proposed an investment of Rs,16,810 crore. On the other hand, a similar interest was shown by the logistic park where the Sharaf Group top signed the UAE agreement of Rs.1300 crore. While the  Hindustan Port Pvt.Ltd signed an agreement worth RS.210 crore.

There is a separate team which led to the investments of RS.8,300 crore. in USA and Canada in the same sector. There are investors present in Australia and Singapore too who have signed an MoU of Rs.100 crore. Other major companies such as Universal Success Pvt. Ltd, Best Buy Trucking and Logistics BPO have signed an agreement worth RS,5100 crore and Rs.1,000 crore respectively. The Renewable energy team is the 3rd largest sector to invest an amount of Rs.14,300 crore.

Other companies in the UAE such as Astha Green Energy Ventures Pvt Ltd, Sri Siddhart Infratec and Services have provided an investment of Rs.4480 crore and Rs.8000 crore respectively. The apparel and the textile industry have made an investment of RS.12500 crore and has received Rs.2500 crore from the Japan India Industries and Promotion Pvt.Ltd. The film city is included as well. AB too has been committed to the investment of RS.10,000 crore.


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