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Sundamericana De Fabras Has Announced a Innovation Yet Eco-Friendly Product Line

Published: February 8, 2023

Peru’s CALLAO on February 6, 2023 The premier manufacturer of dry-spun acrylic fibres, Sudamericana de Fibras (SDF), is happy to launch Drytex Cycle®. This product category meets the Recycling Blended Claim Standard because it contains up to 50% post-industrial content.

Innovative technology is used by Drytex Cycle in the acrylic fibre industry. Industrial waste that would have otherwise become waste is recovered, cleaned, and transformed back into staple fibre or top using this patented technique. The goods are ready for production straight away in ecru for production process.

In addition to reducing waste, the Drytex Cycle produces significant reductions in energy use, water use, and carbon dioxide emissions as compared to conventional virgin raw materials. According to Bugosen, the sum of all these elements is beneficial for our vulnerable planet. We are honoured that the Recycled Blended Claim Standard has been awarded to us so that we can substantiate these claims to brands and customers.

In addition, the facility has received certifications from Oeko-Tex Standard 100®, ISO 9001, BASC, AEO, and “A Great Place To Work.” Review of all certifications is possible.

The fibers are distinguished by the rapid fire dying time with the UV protection for the qualities, cotton-like-hand, thermal properties and resistance to pilling. The fibers are quite good with pilling, spinning, nonwoven processs, dyeing and also colorfastness. The Drytex Cycle possesses are the beneficial factor for the beneficial qualities of the Drytex Virgin Fibers.

They have been in operation since 50 years especially in Peru’s free-trade zone. This is a division of Grupo Rassmuss and the private corporation. These fibers is having around 300 customers across America, Europe, Asia and Africa

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