Hello everyone! I get so many questions and curiosity from my readers and followers about how I can make my embroidery design. Now I’m so excited to share with you how to make embroidery designs. I want to share with you some ways to make an embroidery design on your own.

Like there, you can make hand designs and printable vector designs. We will go through both of those ways. But first of all, let’s discuss more embroidery.

What is an embroidery design?

An embroidery design is a drawing that includes all the necessary information for creating an embroidered image. A replica of what you want to stitch, it can be either hand-drawn or computer-generated. It’s composed of symbols and stitches representing how the hoop should look when finished stitching so that your machine knows where to start and stop.

How To Start Designing An Embroidery Pattern?

Before I tell you, there are two ways to make an embroidery pattern on your own. What do you want to do?

I have two questions for you.

  1. Do you want to embroider your design on your fabric? (Hand embroidery)
  2. Do you want to design patterns and be a professional designer? (Vactor embroidery)

Maybe you don’t know what to do. No worries. First of all, read this out, then you will be clear about what to do.

Hand Draw Embroidery Design

It’s so easy to do. You need just paper and pencil to start a design on your own. Let’s break the full steps into three short steps on how to do hand embroidery design.

Step 01

Take a paper and a pencil. Start sketching your design. Just try to build the thing that you want to draw here. Be soft and draw lines and sketch the whole thing raw.

Step 02

When you have a raw sketch, you enter the second step of your design, draw lines clearly and mark a bit deep. It will make your basic design clear and visible that you want to art. After creating lines, clear the extra lines that you draw in the first step. You can use a soft eraser to remove the extra lines.

Step 03

This is the final step. Take a tracing paper and make a copy of your design from the paper. It will make it easy to embroidery this design in any fabric. It would help if you used an art pen that makes deep and dark lines on tracing paper.

“Sidenote- using tracing paper makes your design more visible and easy to stitch when you do embroidery.”

Vactor Embroidery Or Computerized Embroidery

You may know that there are hundreds of thousands of free or paid designs online. Yes, you heard right, and we are now entering our second way of design making. If you want to sell or do Industrial embroidery machine’s patterns then you need a computer formatted for design.

For doing this, you also need to draw art on paper, or in this modern time, you can use an iPad to draw a design, and then you can convert it into a machine format.

I used to make machine-formatted designs in Adobe products. You can use two software to make two types of design. Let’s get deep into it.

Adobe photoshop- let’s think we have a physical design, and we want to make it a formatted design for an embroidery machine. You need to take a photo, and then you can edit it in adobe photoshop to make it a design. For that, you need to know how to use Adobe photoshop. Know how to make layers in photoshop and how to edit a photo, and also color grinding.

Adobe illustrator- This is also an adobe product that helps you create a vector file that’s more professional and in high resolution. You can use this type of file for selling as an embroidery pattern. Do you remember we created art by hand drawing? Now scan that and input it in adobe illustrator to make a vector file. Make shapes and recreate the art from scanned copy. And then save it as your requirement.

What’s You Need To Start Making Embroidery Designs?

Hand Embroidery Design

Art pencil- there are many differences between normal and art pencils. Art pencils are more flexible for making art, and it’s easy to remove from paper also. Choose a good art pencil to start with.

Art paper- normal papers are low in GSM. But you need thick paper to start drawing, which can help you to draw randomly.

Art pens- art pens are not like normal ball pens, which we used to write regularly. It can make shape lines that will be more visible.

Tracing paper- It’s thin and very light paper. That’s a bit transparent, which helps you to make a copy for other designs.

All these things you will get near to your super shops or in a stationary shop.

Vector Pattern Or Computerized Pattern

Computer- you need a computer set up to do design in software. It’s a common thing nowadays. You may have a laptop. You can also use this.

Adobe products- Adobe has different editing software for image and video also. Buy from them which one you need, like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe illustrator.

Must Taking Care Of Things When You Are Designing

Designing Copyrights

When you create a design as a professional, you must have a clear knowledge about designing copyrights. It’s very important to create unique designs on your own.

Stitching Options

When you are creating an embroidery design, always mention how to embroidery this design. Which part needs to be sewn with which stitch. There are many stitch options like Running stitch, Backstitch, Split stitch, Stem stitch, French knot, Chain stitch, Lazy daisy, Feather stitch, Seed stitch, Satin stitch.

Embroider Ability

It’s a basic thing to maintain that what can embroider your created design in the fabric. Because there are so many complicated designs that are not embroidery-able.

Which Is Best For Beginner – Hand Embroidery Or Machine Embroidery

Hand Embroidery

Hand embroidery starts when the fabric is stretched across a Hoop, which is made of wooden or plastic. The dimensions of the hoop depend on the fabric used. The pattern you choose for embroidery is what determines the size as well as the thread you choose. The number of options for stitching determines the level of hand-embroidered work. It will be simpler to determine how many stitches are required to embroider each detail of the fabric.

Side note: Hand embroidery is based only on stitching. If you’re a beginner, it is important to be familiar with different stitches.

Machine Embroidery

Machine embroidery that is computer-generated is feasible. Computer programs can be utilized to determine the stitching procedure in machine embroidery. The designs are all identical in stitching and every project is the same. There is no way to alter the enthusiasm for sewing which represents the craft and technique of stitching. What exactly stitched the pattern that the computer dictated? Machine embroidery can’t segregate threads, however hand-embroidered needlemakers can create with their own designs.

Final Thought

Which one is the best? Hand embroidery design is best for creative people who have started designing, and machine embroidery design making is coming later. It needs good experience to create designs for machines. So start with hand embroidery and know the ins and outs of embroidery ticks and tricks so that it helps you to make designs more attractive and easy to embroider.