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Published: November 7, 2020
Author: Amit Ratanpara

The grassroots level is the stage where a foundation is built that will bolster the entire design blueprint. Designers can detect a problem and fix it with ease. This level will be the analytical root that grips the idealistic vision of the designers. It is important in order making your new business a successful one.


The design gets its holistic side with the proper layout. The basic level needs balance, contrast, emphasis, and proportion as principles to enhance with a concrete base. These principles will be the path to figure out a sustainable way to implement the design.

Balance is essential either in a symmetrical or unsymmetrical way. It helps to combine the parts with smaller parts in a design.

Contrast is about the state of difference between the abutting elements of design. Some designers like to contrast elements for clarity.

Emphasis refers to a part of the design that needs to be prominent. Designers may choose to show something while reducing the impact on other things.

Proportion adjusts a part to consider it in a comparative relation with another element. It chooses which part is essential and which is not.

The grassroots level will be the bridge from your intuitive idea to the implementation. This level also helps in reducing the cost needed by keeping it simple and sustainably. Designers need to be careful when creating a base.



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