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Top 20 Boho Brands Like Free People And Even Better (2020)

Published: August 17, 2020
Author: Rajkap


In this article, I’ll introduce you to 20 amazing brands like Free People.

Just like Free People, these brands stand out thanks to their superb boho styles.

‘BOHO’ means bohemian style, which originates from the 18th century.

The style was popular with intellectuals, artists, and creatives of those times.

The garments were literally worn-out by the wearers, so nowadays the boho style is also seen as a great form of protest to fast fashion.

Thanks to Nicole Ritchie, Rachel Zoe, Vanessa Hudgens, and Sienna Miller, Free People has become the voice of BOHO styles.

If you’re like me, passionate about boho and against fast fashion, you’ll want to know more brands like Free People.

1. Anthropologie

Founded by Richard Hayne (founder of Urban Outfitters as well), Anthropologie is one of the most famous boho retailers in the world.

Seen as one of the biggest Free People competitors, Anthropologie is, in fact, part of the same chain.

However, Anthropologie stands out from Free People thanks to its colourful prints and fresh, hip vibe.

Also, the retailer has styles for different occasions, so there’s plenty to choose from.

2. Reformation

I love Reformation not only for its boho styles but also for their commitment to sustainability in fashion.

Instead of synthetic materials, the brand uses only natural, renewable, and plant-based textiles.

Moreover, Reformation freshly designs its boho styles right before they hit the website.

So, you always know you’re wearing the latest boho trends.

3. Fillyboo

Fillyboo is the epitome of hand-made boho designs from luxurious fabrics.

The label’s bohemian style dresses are designed in Australia.

Then, the products are hand embroidered and crocheted by highly skilled artisans in Bali and Java.

I like this brand not only for its boho styles but also for its support small family businesses in both islands and Australia as well.

4. Fanm Mon

Fanm Mon is one of my favourite luxurious bohemian clothing brands.

Especially that it does plus-size boho styles for bodies like mine.

A modern symbol of consciousness, femininity and freedom, Fanm Mon is a sustainable boho fashion label of Haitian heritage.

The brand is adored by stars such as Laurynn Hill, Morgan Stewart, and the twin sisters Cipriana Quann and TK Wonder.

Fanm Mon is a direct reference to the designer’s Haitian roots, and it means ‘peasant women’ in Creole.

No longer living in Haiti, the designer’s choice for ‘Fanm Mon’ name is a beautiful homage to Haitian women.

These women had extensive knowledge of medicinal herbs, traditional cuisine, and boho fashion and the designer sees their knowledge as a unique gift to the world.

5. Faithfull The Brand

Adored by celebrities like Kate Middleton, Faithfull The Brand stands out amongst all boho brands for its whimsical prints.

More than a clothing brand, Faithfull The Brand represents a lifestyle that’s free-spirited, culturally diverse and hippie at heart.

The brand’s unique designs are featured on everything, from feminine dress silhouettes to boho kimonos and classic vintage trousers.

You can also find here lots of boho accessories, makeup bags, travel bags, and more.

6. Lovestitch

Lovestitch is a boho clothing brand, of unknown origin, often recommended as a brand similar to Fillyboo.

Self-titled “The home of bohemian and feminine fashion”, Lovestitch features the latest trends and vintage-inspired collections for women.

I love Lovestitch for its fresh range of boho clothing of unique ‘Californian vibe’.

I always find here great pants, jackets, sweaters, crop tops, of vintage inspiration and modern flattering cuts.

7. Farm Rio

Launched by a group of creatives from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (that believe in the existence of happiness), Farm Rio is a brand that Anthropologie carries on their website.

But, more than a boho style brand – Farm Rio has been fostering cultural movements since 1997.

The brand takes vintage styles and infuses them with an elevated, feminine boho aesthetic.

Believers in good energies and beautiful frequencies, the brand founders seek:

colours and shapes that nature brings to your eyes and to your feelings,

I love this brand for its support of local culture, heritage, craftsmanship, and their fight to keep it alive.

For each item sold via their official website, the company plants a tree in the Amazon Rainforest.


Here’s another sustainable boho label that I love very much and recommend a lot.

SANIKAI is a Swiss-based boho clothing label that blends timeless fashion design with exceptional quality and ethical manufacturing.

The label was founded in 2015 with the aim of being equally responsible towards the planet and nature.

Famous for the use of natural fabrics and recycled materials fused with Swiss perfectionism, Sanikai leads a boho design philosophy with sustainability at heart.

The label carefully chooses sustainable fabrics and has a positive attitude towards a conscious lifestyle that embraces life and awakes dormant senses.

Hand-sewn at the heart of Zurich, SANIKAI’s unique creations are made in collaboration with young and talented boho stylists and designers.

9. Stone Cold Fox

Here’s another boho clothing label from Los Angeles that I love a lot.

Stone Cold Fox takes inspiration from the delicacy of vintage clothing and seeks to make it fresh again.

The brand also has beautiful bohemian style wedding dresses.

In the creation of its unique boho lines, the designer draws inspiration from classic celebs and designers such as Jane Birkin and Ossie Clark.

The aim of the label is to show off the best features of a woman’s figure.

Accordingly, each piece has a perfect finish, designed to take you from day to evening, week to weekend, and home to travels away.

10. Everlane

Everlane’s boho styles are quality crafted with attention to comfort and sustainability.

Everlane’s collections focus on denim, making sure anything you choose matches beautifully with the good old pair of blue jeans.

You can also pair Everlane’s boho styles with oversized bohemian tote bags, vintage carpet bags, or pure boho backpacks.

Moreover, since jeans couture is at the core of anything that Everlane does, the brand sources its denim from sustainable sources only with respect to Fair Trade standards.

11. Lucky Brand

Regarded as an American classic, Lucky Brand is more known for its boho denim styles.

However, don’t think that Lucky Brand is all about denim.

The brand is now making excellent boho shirts, jackets, activewear, and dresses.

Lucky Brand’s design philosophy is quite simple:

“Designed to be worn forever.”

I also like Lucky Brand for its open support to several philanthropic causes.

For example, the brand donates a percentage of its monthly sales, and clothing garments as well.

12. My Sleeping Gypsy

Built on the Vyshyvanka Culture, My Sleeping Gypsy is the home of Ukrainian boho couture.

With enchanting traditions and persuasive folklore by the mythical narrative of Vyshyvanka, My Sleeping Gypsy’s boho style looks amazing.

The designer employs superb blends of Slavic heritage with contemporary influences.

My Sleeping Gypsy’s luxurious boho creations connect imaginary realms with the real world.

My Sleeping Gypsy is a place of unique patterns and elaborate ornaments.

Discover ankle-length hippie dresses with puffed sleeves, delicate button-facing on playful blouses, skirts with ruffles, and embroideries of bright colours.

Each My Sleeping Gypsy’s creation takes weeks of work and thousands of meters of embroidery.

But above all, these rare boho styles tell stories about Slavic culture and its profound spiritual meanings.

13. Cleobella

Founded in Bali, Indonesia, Cleobella’s boho collections are hand-made by local artisans.

The brand is famous for its stylish, laid-back boho pieces as well as the eye-catching bags and vintage style shoes.

Cleobella is O’Brien’s (the brand founder) mother’s name and according to the designer, she’s the main source of inspiration along with the local culture.

Similar to the Free People brand, Cleobella also maintains the same classic lines of bohemian heritage and vintage styles.

14. One Teaspoon

From Gigi Hadidi to Kourtney Kardashian, One Teaspoon boho-chic style is loved by celebrities from all over the world.

Thanks to their trademark tattered hem, One Teaspoon’s boho styles always deliver that rocker-fashionista combination that is equally cheeky and sincere.

The brand was launched in 2000 and ever since the One Teaspoon kept offering excellent boho creations for women, men, and children as well.

I personally love One Teaspoon for their pretty feminine prints, party dresses, boho beach dresses, flattering wrap dresses, minis, maxis, floral print blouses and more.

15. Minkpink

Launched by the Australian designer Rachel Evans in 2005, Minkpink fosters young talents and their creativity and craft.

With a very simple design philosophy based on what she would wear, Minkpink has become one of the top 5 boho brands in Australia.

Minkpink’s maxi dresses and boho beachwear is my go-to clothing line when I need effortless chic, fashionable comfort and enlightened style.

Minkpink also stands out from the pack thanks to its clever play of colours and patterns.

Finally, the brand’s special styles and cuts are preserving the rare art of Australian boho tailoring.

16. For Love & Lemons

Founded in 2011 by best friends Laura Hall and Gillian Rose Kern, ‘For Love & Lemons’ creates a unique sense of comfort that is so appealing to the label fans.

But, For Love & Lemons also has a side of edgy and sultry vibes on most of its feminine styles.

Finally, if you’re looking for brands similar to Free People for their lingerie section, check out For Love & Lemons SKIVVIES line.

There are several bralettes perfect for pairing under sheer blouses and for peeking out of low necklines.

17. MISA Los Angeles

If you love that relaxed holiday feel, MISA Los Angeles must be on your favourite boho brands list.

Launched in 2016, the brand is deeply inspired by the founder’s love for travel, art and design.

MISA elevates the idea of effortless bohemian femininity, easy dressing and fluid silhouettes.

All of MISA’s pieces are handmade in Los Angeles by a team of expert designers, pattern-makers and sewists. most of whom have worked with us from the beginning.

Many loving hands touch each garment — some with over 50 steps — in order to bring the collection to life each season.

The brand is offering breezy boho dresses and skirts hand-made from airy fabrics, confident prints and unique detailing colours that’ll leave you daydreaming of an exotic holiday in the sun.

18. We Are Kindred

We Are Kindred unique story begins with two sisters and a single vision.

Launched in 2013 by Lizzie and Georgie Renkert, the brand is drawing from over 30 years of collective experience in the fashion industry.

The designers use their experience in fashion magazine editing, design, buying and development to create effortless modern luxury with a touch of bohemian style.

To me, this Australian label is a celebration of harmony and symbiosis, thanks to its unique aesthetics.

We Are Kindred is feminine, sensual, free, and yet modern and innovative.

The brand is famous for its rich fabrications, embellishments and bespoke prints.

19. Spell & The Gypsy Collective

Spell & The Gypsy Collective is one of the brands like free people that has a modern-bohemian style.

The boho fashion label is from the idyllic beachside town of Byron Bay, Australia.

Inspired by far-off places, vintage treasures and childhood memories, Spell & The Gypsy Collective boho designs allude to dreams of freedom, hippie vibes, spells and wilderness.

Spell & The Gypsy Collective feminine dresses are oozing of turquoise love, florals and age-old laces, whispering to your own childhood.

The brand taps into that sense of nostalgia, beauty and freedom that so compliments the female spirit.

All garments are proudly designed and sampled in the Arts & Industry Estate of Byron Bay and produced ethically in factories around the world.

20. Tularosa

Tularosa’s vibrant and expressive boho lines are great for city vacation or mid-strut at a festival.

The label brings that holiday spirit to life, wherever you are.

One scroll through Tularosa’s boho collection will leave you deep in wanderlust.

The brand gives you all the flowing fabrics, romantic ruffles, and dreamy prints you could want for jet-setting abroad.

by- Nidhi singh



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