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Durak Tekstil bottom sewing threads provide more efficiency

Published: January 18, 2022

Durak Duraless® and Durak Duma® threads put an end to the cost and productivity concerns of textile manufacturers

The global textile industry continues to experience high increases in production costs and difficulties in the supply chain. Textile manufacturers prefer high-efficiency solutions to overcome these problems. Duraless® and Duma® bottom sewing threads developed by Durak Tekstil have been gaining an important place in the market over the years, saving cost and time with their special structures and superior performances. These technical advantages bring a profitable production when difficult market conditions are taken into account.

 Long-lasting cost increases in the textile industry made efficiency the priority issue for textile manufacturers with the effects of the pandemic that has been going on for two years. Businesses focused on solutions that increase their efficiency due to rising raw material and intermediate material prices, energy and labor costs. Sewing threads, one of the basic components of textile production, is also an important item in terms of operating costs and productivity.

Sewing threads must meet the performance expected by textile manufacturers in order to produce a quality final product. One of the biggest problems encountered in sewing applications is the linty bottom threads used. The lint in these threads leads to contamination and dust accumulating on the bobbin over time, thus resulting in a production stop frequently. They can cause damage to the machines if they are not cleaned regularly by the operator in the spinning mill. On the other hand, this dusting in the thread can cause jamming in the loops in production, thus heating the needle and causing breakage. This structural problem in sewing thread brings with it numerous difficulties such as an increase in production cost, production of the final product below the desired quality. Textile manufacturers eliminate all these problems when they set out with the right product for this reason.

More efficiency and durability

Turkey’s leading industrial sewing and embroidery thread manufacturer Durak Tekstil, with a history of 50 years,  exports Durak Duraless® and Durak Duma® bottom sewing threads to more than 70 countries. These threads contribute to reducing the costs of textile manufacturers, reducing maintenance costs, accelerating production processes and increasing the quality of the final product thanks to their special structures. More thread amount in the bobbin, uninterrupted working time, and improved operating efficiency can be achieved with Durak Tekstil bottom threads.

Durak Duraless®, which can be used on any bobbin in sewing machines, with its special hollow structure in the middle of the bottom sewing thread, allows more thread winding compared to standard sewing threads and provides 10% more efficiency. On the other hand, Durak Duma® bottom sewing thread increases productivity by 15% with its special hook. Both bottom sewing threads offer superior performance with their special oils, ordered structures, meticulous raw material selections, and unique lubrication techniques that increase their performance. Both Duraless® and Duma® allow use with a stable tension from the beginning to the end of the sewing process thanks to their special structures. This prevents any problems such as the collapse in the seam, wasted wrapping, breakage, etc., guaranteeing high-quality results.

Duraless® and Duma® bottom threads, with their very durable physical properties, reach the melting point at 260ºC and soften at 220ºC to 240ºC. Very high heat tolerance is achieved compared to conventional sewing threads when the shrinkage rate at 150ºC is calculated to be less than 1%. Both bottom sewing threads show high resistance to most mineral acids. It is not affected by bleaching, micro-organisms such as mold and fungus, and does not deteriorate in washing and dry cleaning thanks to this feature that increases the usage area and performance.

The lint-free Durak Duraless® threads reduce contamination and problems in the machine

Durak Duraless® bottom sewing thread is produced from high-strength endless fiber polyester and works on the bobbin principle by being placed in the shuttle. This ready-winded bobbin thread has a lint-free structure because it is obtained from endless fiber and leaves much less contamination and dust in the machine compared to cored fiber or staple fiber bottom threads available in the market. This, on the one hand, prevents the damage that may occur in the machines due to pollution, on the other hand, allows to obtain a high-quality final product. It also eliminates the cleaning processes and labor required for cleaning the threads remaining on the bobbin in the normal winding.

Durak Duraless® is offered in different thicknesses and bobbin lengths addressing various textile applications that demand superior performance and clean work. Durak Duraless® is used as a bottom thread in denim clothing, ready-to-wear, underwear, swimwear/bikini, sportswear, workwear, bedding-quilting, home textiles, as well as in straight stitches and is also preferred for overlock sewing. Durak Duraless® does not create a feeling of hardness due to its soft touch and bottom thread thickness and gives a softer appearance to the products it is used in. This allows more opportunity for the embroidery to be easily curled with the fabric, especially on lightweight products such as tulle.

Durak Duraless® reduces repairs and additions caused by running out of the bottom thread during sewing and contributes positively to the formation of loops during production while minimizing skipped stitches. This sewing thread has a superior breaking strength compared to other threads on the market and also prolongs the life of embroidery needles as it eliminates the need to wind it on any metal bobbins.

Durak Duma® increases thread capacity 3 times

Durak Duma® bobbin thread, produced by Durak Tekstil from 100% high-strength endless fiber polyester, provides approximately 3 times more thread capacity. The metering difference between the bobbins is at the level of 1% thanks to the metering sensitive winding technology, and the amount of waste is minimized if they are changed at the same time. This is a significant advantage in terms of business planning and efficiency for textile manufacturers.

Durak Duma® provides high efficiency in production with the combination of fiber structures and unique finishing processes and is used in lots of different sectors such as home textiles, bedding and quilting, brode, coats, underwear, and automotive with its advanced technical features. Durak Duma® has the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1 certificate, and can also respond to numerous different demands with its vegan use and environmentally friendly features. Durak Duma® bottom sewing thread is offered in plenty of different colors and standard thicknesses of 75(PC), 120P P, 60, 100, 180.

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